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22 Jun 2020 01:59
This is super late and I still have a lot to do. So I’ll just leave this here.
16 Jun 2020 01:59
If a 3rd party MP-scaled Astrotrain can be $80, I definitely think there’s something to this whole price control rumors that have been circulating for years. I love that the people at Star Wars loosen their control every once in a while and allow things like the “Certain Point of View” series. The second installment is due out soon. I think collectors wish they had a little more control over the styling of the new Classified figures but the new Cobra Commander shows it’s not always that bad. Since there’s no Masters news this time around, I’ll leave you with my favorite thing from the show, a 1/1 Cup Noodle plastic model kit. Even though Lotus and Swage thought it was ridiculous, I still get to feature it.
8 Jun 2020 01:59
2 Jun 2020 01:59
25 May 2020 01:59
We cover a lot of rumors this time around, but none more interesting than a bunch of new Mandos. They have a bunch of names I can’t remember. More rumors with even more interesting names are what could possibly be wave 3 of the Classified figures. MOTU had some big names in very small packages. That’s right, the World’s Smallest Masters are available for pre-order. The biggest news for Transformers, unfortunately, is for a big bot that I bet most people wish was bigger. However, at least he has a nice memorable short name.
19 May 2020 01:59
As mentioned on the show, the man himself, Captain Rex, is pure joy in doll form. We get a really depressing God Neptune. Joe is once again a no-show, so the best thing we can do is talk about a Joe-scale Power Loader. Same with MOTU, so how about some Back to the Future figures?
15 May 2020 01:59
If there are two words Mrs. McFavorite hates to hear it's I'm sick. It basically means I'm going to be a whiney bitch for 3-5 days. Since this is like 5 days late, no introspective prose, no favorite news items from each franchise, just episode 189.
5 May 2020 01:59
The Transformers live-action movies seem to be getting a lot of new attention. Even Newage is getting into the game with an MP Soundwave with a couple of minions. Since the Origins line doesn’t seem to have any updates, and the Snake Mountain update was less than stellar, Mondo’s Man-At-Arms official pics, will have to suffice for new MOTU. Speaking of high-end 1/6th scale, I’m curious if Hot Toys completists are happy with their new direction of doing repaints like a vintage figure inspired Boba Fett. And after a few shows with some action figure news, nothing new for Joe except for more movie news.
27 Apr 2020 01:59
Will 6 inch Joes kill the 1/18th scale? Probably not, but I’m warming up to them. Original designs are almost dead in Transformers 3rd Party, but the Magnus redeco of Generation Toys Optimus Primal is as close as it gets and I love it. I don’t think Mafex will be killing off SHF or TBS anytime soon, but their Mando is a thing o beauty. MOTU is definitely not killing anything as the only news was a teaser and pics from the final season of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.
21 Apr 2020 01:59
I’m pretty excited for the Magic Square Soundwave, even more so the tapes. Even smaller, but just as anticipated is The Child, TBS-style. Masters gets the smallest of updates in Pixel-Dan’s interview with Bryan Flynn, as in nothing is coming. Lastly for Joe, we’re getting an amazing piece made up of a bunch of little pieces. Mondo’s 1000 piece puzzle featuring Cobra propaganda artwork from Jason Edmiston is a great buy at only $20.
14 Apr 2020 01:59
And just like that, we are now officially a live streaming video podcast. Still extremely rough as I learn how to run the show while doing the show. However, not too shabby if I say so myself. Thanks to Lotus we have brought the cast into the modern age. This has tons of added benefits. The biggest is being able to see what we’re talking about. No more having to follow along with the show notes. With less editing needed we’re going to shift to weekly casts. Going weekly will result in much shorter/more consumable shows. We’ll be shooting for 1 hour to 1.5 at the most. The show will be live-streamed on YouTube with real-time chat then published immediately. The new streaming platform is so easy we can add people to the show on the fly. This will hopefully make it much more interactive. It truly is pretty miraculous.
27 Mar 2020 01:59
Unfortunately, the would-be TFCon 3rd Party slides were in very precedented territory. With nothing really standing out, even a Unicron couldn’t save it. Something that seems par for the course, but is still super interesting, is a possible six-inch retro line for Joe. Now, this easily could be the current designs with just vintage cards. Maybe redecoes? Another status quo release, but that isn’t a bad thing when it comes to Hot Toys, is the Mando and Child. They’re absolutely gorgeous and one of those defining pieces for the show. Then Super7 releases yet another shipping delay email and it’s right back to the bad kind of normal. Isn’t that funny how it works that way.
16 Mar 2020 01:59
Without a bunch of activities to go to I have had a ton of time to open and sell toys. I’ve been enjoying my toys more than ever. Especially since the last Toy Fair, while not too much originality, really delivered on some nostalgia feels. Mattel made a strong Master’s Origins showing right after our last show. However, I think I’m most interested in their new Mega Contrux. What’s crazy is we got a ton of new news and leaks right after Toy Fair, but probably nothing so exciting as a bunch of TRU shelf tags. We got confirmation of 6″ movie Joes, a TBS Luke and Yoda 2-pack, and seekers galore.
25 Feb 2020 00:59
I have to say that it was a pretty good Toy Fair. Nothing jaw-dropping amazing, but consistent. As usual, most things were spoiled in some form or fashion ahead of time. However, some things caught us unaware. How about the vintage reissues of the Ghostbusters? That got a lot of people excited. Much less so for their new Plasma (i.e. Black) Series counterparts. The Turtles made another huge showing. From Super7 to NECA, there are so many collector-grade choices for our favorite amphibious martial artists. Speaking of NECA, they continue to do their thing. So many Aliens, Predators, and serial killers, oh my. When you start to think about it’s a lot of the same. The one thing that did deviate from its vintage source material got grief, not a ton, but enough to prove that what we really want is exactly what we had. I’m sure you know we’re getting a new Joe line. It’s not close enough to vintage ARAH line for many people, including me. They tried something new and we don’t even give it a chance. I can really start to see the draw of Mythic Legions, Vitruvian H.A.C.K.s, etc. At least they’re trying something relatively new. Look at Masters, we go from getting a variety of new formats, to right back to the classic 5.5, granted with much better articulation. But, they do one thing different a la the head sculpts, and people bitch, including me. Transformers is even getting back to basics with the OG earth alt modes. The new line is basically G1 with better sculpts and everyone, including me, loves it. Star Wars continues its faithful pandering and I’ve already pre-ordered it.
17 Feb 2020 00:59
The big new in Transformers this time around is MP 50 and 51, e.g. Tigatron and Arcee. Here’s hoping the Arcee is mistransformed. Also big, for 3.75″ Star Wars collectors at least, the “Duck Boat” was revealed to be The Mandalorian Imperial Troop Transport. This stuff is what keeps it fun for me. Will the new Origins line keep it fun for Masters collectors? With what looks to be a great line-up, I think it will be. While we had the leak last show, we get 100% confirmation of the big G.I. Joe news this time around. 6 inches is big right? Right?!
4 Feb 2020 00:59
Is there anything today you see as being truly nostalgic for kids 20-30 years from now? We are getting figures exactly as we remember them with the new Empire Strikes Back Retro Collection. They’re even striking the nostalgia feels with the box for the $600 Snake Mountain that’s literally too big almost everyone’s collection. Speaking of toys too big for your collections that strikes the feels, Unicron got an update. Probably the “biggest” news was the “confirmation” of Joe Classified, the new Black Series-style line for G.I. Joe.
14 Jan 2020 00:59
Especially in this day and age with companies finally acknowledging that action figures are becoming an adult-driven industry, there is just too much. It’s not as bad if you focus on one franchise. If you’re a Joe fan, there’s next to nothing. Even when stuff is available, it’s literally a tiny amount. MOTU has the second least amount of collectibles right now, but even it is shipping $350 worth of figures this month in a single scale. Now Star Wars has never been a slouch. However, even with 12 to 13 $20 figures coming out for the anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, it’s still no match for Transformers. With the proliferation of 3rd party Masterpiece scale, now Legends scale figures, in addition to very active retail lines, there are literally hundreds of figures on the market at any one time. This even includes amazing non-transforming figures such as those from 3A.
30 Dec 2019 00:59
Right before 2020, the biggest news for Transformers Masterpiece is going to be a throw-back to mostly old school trains. Probably the most popular thing to come out of our community in 2019 is The Child, The Asset, or most commonly, yet incorrectly known as Baby Yoda. However, Hasbro/Lucasfilm was not on their game and we won’t have anything in our hands until 2020. Masters is on track to have a huge coming year. Two cartoons, a movie, and a new line of figures. However, all we are getting are teases. While we’ll be getting a new Joe movie next year, we’ll have to wait another couple of years for the first Joe amusement park.
9 Dec 2019 00:59
Not often a statue makes into this part of the post, but if you feel like indulging, the new Rancor statue from Sideshow is a good start. Something you still have a chance to splurge on is Super7’s Snake Mountain. The new video shows just how amazing this piece is. If the Studio Series Devastator is not doing it for you, maybe a 3rd Party, $800 version, will satiate you. While probably on the opposite end of indulging since Evergreen Line usually means low-budget, but at least Joe has action figure news.
25 Nov 2019 00:59
Let’s see how quickly we can do this. Eighteen bucks is too much for a 5 PoA figure, even a Transformer, just saying. The Super7 Snake Mountain is too big, just saying. The Mandalorian is as amazing as everyone is saying, ask Lotus, just saying. As much as I actually liked the first two Joe movies, rebooting with Snake Eyes is probably not a bad idea, just saying.
11 Nov 2019 00:59
The “big” news this time around was the TFCon 3rd Party panel. However, I think Matthew “Deluxe” Baldwin sums it up well with his latest t-shirt offering. Hasbro shows off its latest level of packaging QC, with multiple errors of perhaps the most popular proper noun in toy history. While not a fail, more so a WTF, Super7 comes out of nowhere with Deluxe (i.e. $45) Japanese Wrestling figures. Lastly, while maybe not the greatest fail, just not what it could have been, is NECA and their street team/ambassador program.
28 Oct 2019 01:59
All right, enough bitching about my life lets bitch about toys. The only thing to bitch about in regard to Ed’s Galaxy Edge toy run, is the sheer amount of stuff. I can’t wait until our visit next year. I bitch plenty about these Masters of the Universe skate decks from Super7. When it comes to G.I. Joe joining the Transformers Earth Wars game the only reason to bitch is the fact that it is the only news for Joe. Probably the most positive news out of this show is the possibility of getting a new Raiden toy from Takara Tomy. Who doesn’t love a cool train or six?
16 Oct 2019 01:59
The big news, well outside of Unicron being funded. Oh and yeah, I spent $600 on a toy a week before getting laid off that I won’t see for over year. Let that sink in :). Hasbro announced War for Cybertron: Earthrise. Talk about nothing new and just wishing it could be a little different. The big news for Masters was the shipping update Super7 sent out. Unfortunately, there is no link to it. I’ve noticed this is a pattern with them. When they announce dates, it’s via email without a permanent location to reference and they’ve done it again. Force Friday happened again, well Triple Force Friday. Hear my experience (again one week before being laid off 🙂 and recaps from around the community. And the award for the most independent news of the week goes to friend of the show, Ryan Drost, and his amazing new comic on Kickstarter. Please check out his great concept and with only a few days left he could really use the community’s help.
24 Sep 2019 01:59
Something I don’t think we’ll soon forget is the new Masters Origin line. I think they’ll be milking this for all it’s worth. Unfortunately, the UCS Star Destroyer is pretty forgettable. Not too different from it’s last UCS treatment, it appears to be another cash grab. How fun is a Lego set with 2 colors anyway? Usually, I’m not a huge fan of transparency for no reason. However, any bots involved in the reformatting sequence from the ’86 movie is a perfect use of this cash grab. That’s why the clear Insecticons from Newage are right up my alley. Can you believe it? Joe actually has toy news this time around, well kind of. Looks like Funskool will be getting back into to the mix with the new movie toys.
10 Sep 2019 01:59
Well, I didn’t expect for another show without me to be so forthcoming, but here we are. I’m personally excited. I get to listen to two Open Your Toys Casts in one month. With the holiday weekend falling on our recording weekend, these guys got to have a lot more fun than I did. As they talked toys, I drove 6 hours through holiday traffic. Now I sit here watching my Saints lose their opening game. I don’t know what else to say, so I won’t.
27 Aug 2019 01:59
Super7 is really balancing listening to their fans and doing their thing. Just like MOTUC, Pixel-Dan and Stina did an amazing job covering them at Power-Con. The biggest news in Transformers for a while now has been Unicron. Did the new trailer video change your mind? Star Wars has kinda been a no-show now for a few months and in preparation of Triple Force Friday. However, SDCC exclusives are coming, so there’s that. Finally, Joe has one news item, as usual, say hello to Crazy Rich Snake Eyes.
12 Aug 2019 01:59
I never thought this day would happen. Of all the hosts we have had over the last 11 years. There have been many occasions where I was not able to record. I have always offered co-hosts the opportunity to run their own show. This even includes Mrs. McFavorite a couple of times. I thought what would be better than the wifey just going off on my collecting. Still no takers, until now! That’s right folks. After 11 years and 168 episodes, it’s the first one sans Slick. Do you know what that means? I finally get to listen to an episode of Open Your Toys Cast. I don’t think people, especially Rock and Lotus, know how excited I am about that. I truly do think we have the best toy news show on the web. We’ve never really been too promotional. I’ve always liked the family feel. Especially today, I feel like a proud papa ready to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Now, this isn’t going to be your standard show in terms of rigid show notes and worrying about time. The boys go free form and just talk toys. After all, isn’t that all any us want to do? So, in closing, thank you Rock and Lotus so much for representing OYTC and making my dreams come true.
29 Jul 2019 01:59
One change I have dug is Hasbro’s approach to SDCC when it comes to the product pre-orders. Being able to order most of what they reveal the day of is nice. I’m sure they’re excited too as it prays upon the excitement of the moment. I knew I bit on the Reflector/Refraktor G1 3-pack and now I’m having second thoughts. There are absolutely no second thoughts when it comes to the new Mondo Hordak. I was hesitant on the He-Man and Skeletor. Pre-ordered the Faker at a 33% discount, but it got canceled. Loved the Merman, but not important enough of a character for me. Now that Hordak is a no-brainer. Let’s give a big welcome to my first Mondo figure. The only thing more disappointing than a complete lack of Joe news, outside of Rob Leifeld, creator of Deadpool, doing a new Snake Series for IDW, was the lack of Star Wars reveals. Everything is being held back for Triple Force Friday. The one piece of good news we did get was 5 PoA 3.75″ figures are officially no more.
18 Jul 2019 01:59
A lot of people think Newage is doing it right. While I love my Cosmos, the price is still killing me on these things. As an example of hard work, the finalists of the Lego Star Wars Greatest Battles killed it. Netflix’s Princesses of Power is on to that next level. Everybody associated with that show has been putting in work, and it’s paying off. Even Joe is working it this year at SDCC.
2 Jul 2019 01:59
Something that’s got a lot of people being negative is Mattel’s SDCC exclusives. Announced at the last minute, presale in the middle of the night, then a misleading new process. It’s Mattel, what do you expect? I think I’m the only one feeling negative about the new World’s Smallest Joes. Just feel those cards could be more accurate. Speaking of accurate, no one can be negative about this new Transformers G1 packaging 1000 piece puzzle. I cannot wait. Lastly, again on a very personal level is the beautiful new Star Wars cabinet from Arcade1Up. This was easily in my top five as a kid.
10 Jun 2019 01:59
Okay, I sat down ready to do a full post, but nope. Nothing is wrong, in fact, things are great. I just don’t want to spend a bunch time writing one right now. Had a weekend of 14 hours driving, non-stop family time and really just want to watch a movie and crash.
28 May 2019 01:59
To take the easy way out this time around, I am going to highlight some great sales at my favorite online store. Big Bad Toy Store has some amazing prices on Star Wars, Masters of the Universe, and of course, Transformers. For G.I. Joe, just a warning, beware of buying from Marauder Gun Runners. After more than 10 years of patronage, they are no longer standing behind their orders. Sad when a fan ran company gets too big for their own good. For the whole story, please listen to the show and be on the look out for a huge sale on my almost 60+ figures from their various lines.
13 May 2019 01:59
I think Hasbro found a good balance with their SDCC MP-10 Ghostbusters crossover. Previously thought to be a waste of resources, the full reveal killed it. Super7 almost gave some useful information in the Q and A this month. However, Brian was a lot more forthcoming in an hour-long talk with Roast Gooble Dinner we recap. Another goal not met this weekend was scoring the new Retro Collection of Star Wars. Luckily it has been recently revealed that they will not be exclusive for long. As usual, there is no Joe news so we’ll leave you an example of why cheaters never prosper, well almost never.
30 Apr 2019 01:59
I’m going to break from the norm yet again because while I wanted to get the above out, I also did want to shout our special co-hosts for this show. We had the one-and-only Engineernerd back on. John hails from the prolific Action Figure Blues Podcast. We are also joined from down under by first-time co-host, long-time listener, regular on the Facebook group, and most importantly, good friend, Mark Haddock. We try to refrain from the cliches for the most part, but simply can’t help ourselves at times. Look for Mark (and hopefully John too) to join us again in the new future.
8 Apr 2019 01:59
Did you miss out on the Barge? It’s okay, so did I. Mine was literally by a timezone issue, but do you know what? It doesn’t matter. It will be available again, somehow, someway. Do you miss Action Force? I guess Hasbro didn’t. They let the copyright slip away and a fan group has picked it up and are doing some amazing things with it. Here’s something that should not matter to one single person, but we know that’s never the case, there’s always one. Super7 launched its latest line of ReAction MOTU figures. Okay, it matters to me, but just one. Last, but not least is the biggest one, literally. We get some great insight into the new Hasbro Omega Supreme. Will this be the great feeling we’ve all been hoping for or because it’s the fourth large-scale Omega to the market, will it simply not matter?
26 Mar 2019 01:59
Wanna see the good and not so good of 2018, check out Michael Crawford’s Poppies. It features Michael’s choices, but even better, a curated list voted on by industry standouts, and even a community vote. Don’t know what you missed last year? Now you will. Hasbro Pulse posted an eBay listing many thought was too good to be true. For some, it was, at least for people in the states and Canadia. The Barge will be available, probably for minutes, to some lucky collectors in foreign countries this March 26th. While I dig these MOTU crossover Air Force Ones, I prefer the G.I. Joe crossovers from Asics. They are much more gooder :) Finally, look at all this goodness we missed out on. Some of these Transformers prototypes are simply amazing.
7 Mar 2019 00:59
I’m not going to write about my top news from each brand like I usually do. If you haven’t ever noticed, as Lil Ms. McFavorite likes to say, it’s a pattern. I’d rather end this with a plea. Quit being so oblivious. Pay close attention to the world around you and how you affect it, especially your loved ones.
24 Feb 2019 00:59
Being so close to Toy Fair, Wonderfest stole a little bit of thunder from the first major reveals. One being MP Bumblebee version 2.0. Oh, those feet (in Bobbie Skullface voice). Super7 is so close to actually providing information in their Q and A after almost a year. They’re just not there yet with their wait and see answers. Entertainment Earth didn’t just come close, they hit a home run with their Valentine’s Day promotion, a dozen “Roses” for $20. They offered 12 TBS Roses (6 or 3.75 inch) for only twenty bucks. I’d be curious about how they sold. So close, but our only Joe news from a 3rd Party. Dan Klingensmith is back with volume 6 of his 3.75″ Joe: Creating G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero.
27 Jan 2019 00:59
The most powerful con in the universe is getting another installment this year. Along with the announcement, Val and the gang over at have released almost every panel from last year. While not as informational, but certainly more exciting, new G1 reissues have been announced. Perhaps the most well-received is Soundwave and Buzzsaw. If you’re more of a Star Wars person and you’ve made the flip to 6 inch, you’re probably just as excited for General Grievous. If you’re a Joe fan, you have absolutely nothing to be excited about.
9 Jan 2019 00:59
Do you have any new collecting resolutions? How about the wait until Ross / Ollies / clearance mentality? I know I’m taking that outlook on Predaking. Wish I would have taken it on the Black Series. How about a resolution to diversify your collection? Maybe some fine art? The Mad Duck MOTU posters are a great start. Not nearly as popular as Mondo yet, but still beautiful and some truly great homages. Speaking of homages, Snake Eyes, the movie, looks to be steeped in them. That is if the rumors pan out. If your resolution were to attend more cons, you have fewer choices this year. One of the quintessential means of exposure to multitudes of Star Wars stars has been canceled. Legoland has ceased their Star Wars Days after 10 years of amazing guests, events, and displays. For us missing Botcon, and hoping Hascon would fill that void, it has been postponed indefinitely.
18 Dec 2018 00:59
I am positive TFCon LA, TFCon USA 2019, whatever you want to call it, is going to be a show for the ages. If you’re an animation and/or a voice actor fan you owe it to yourself to be there. I am positive that Super7 knows exactly what it is doing with these limited release quick sellout one-offs for MOTU. Even their retail “partner” at almost a 50% markup sold out quickly. I am pretty positive we won’t be seeing anymore non-Original Trilogy vehicles in the TVC line. The lack of the Rogue One Assualt Tank at retail and the subsequent blowout online almost guarantees this. Something I don’t think anyone can be positive about is the new Joe movie, especially with such a lackluster choice of directors.
3 Dec 2018 00:59
I just can't, not today.
18 Nov 2018 00:59
On a brighter note, there’s TOYS! Well except for, G.I. Joe. Yet again the only update is about the new Snake Eyes movie and even it’s pretty unsubstantial. However, we will finally have some toy news for Joe on the next show. So I was actually pretty excited about the exclusive Hoth Han and Leia 2-pack. I slept on it and know it looks to be sold out everywhere. It’s been a while since that happened. Yet another whole lotta nothing in the latest installment of Super7’s MOTU Q and A, but unfortunately there’s not much else for Masters. For Transformers, the US release of the War for Cybertron Seige figures probably tops the news. Haven’t seen them around here yet and haven’t watched any reviews, but I’m pretty excited.
5 Nov 2018 00:59
Instead of cleverly trying to incorporate my favorite things from the show into some sort of defeated pun or wordplay (see the blog post), I’m just going talk about them. While I thought DOTM Devastator was an abomination when he was first revealed, he has really grown on me. For that reason, I’m actually pretty excited for a Studio Series version of him. If you’re a Filmation fan, then start rejoicing. There’s a hell of a pre-order right now, including “Ultimate” versions of He-Man and Skeletor on vintage cards. Speaking of vintage packaging, the Sail Barge packaging is both absolutely ridiculous and a thing of beauty. And of course, with the just one piece of news, the only thing to link to for Joe is a terse description of the Snake Eyes movie.
23 Oct 2018 01:59
Can you believe it? No, really, can you believe it? I can’t. Mrs. McFavorite and I started this after being married just under two years. We have since celebrated our 10th anniversary, had a beautiful daughter, seen her take her first steps, speak her first words, and now she’s in 1st grade. I had just started my last position as employee 13 and saw the company grow to 130. I went from the only designer to leading a team of 6 designers. Mrs. McFavorite has worked for two of the largest financial institutions in the world. My collection has grown from a few shelves to almost 5,000 pieces, much to Mrs. McFavorite’s chagrin. You know what hasn’t changed in 10 years? This show baby!
29 Sep 2018 01:59
To their credit Super7 is definitely living in the now. There’s not months and months of teases and in turn, complaining. We got Wave 2 and I’m loving them so far. Something that is a throwback, but just is absolutely blowing my mind is the new Grimlock statue. It does have some ties to the present because the ’86 movie was just played in over 500 theaters around the US and Canada, many that were sold out and that also just blows my mind. Similarly, something that is now, but the oldest school of all old school is the pretty amazing McQuarrie-inspired “The Star Wars” trailer. Lastly poor G.I. Joe had no news this week again. Can something be overshadowed if it has no presence at all?
16 Sep 2018 01:59
The amazing next wave of Super7 Classics is almost here. I’m am super ( pun intended :) ) excited for these, more so than the Filmation wave. Something that was imminent when I did the show notes and arrived the day before we recorded, was the latest installment of FSS 7.0. While Crystal Ball does have a little bit of giraffeness, he’s still a cult classic and in my opinion, this only adds to it. I have been counting the days until the special one-day screening of the ’86 Transformers movie. If you hadn’t notice, time has been somewhat of a running theme. If you wanna keep track of yours, there is no better way than a vintage Star Wars calendar.
4 Sep 2018 01:59
Something that was mildly divisive in the group, but I personally still love was the Cocks of the Universe. These customs/blind bags were shown/available at Power-Con and are definitely not for everyone. Something just as controversial, at least for our group, was the reveal of the new UCS/Master Builder Lego Star Wars Cloud City. New designs for a possible G.I. Joe mobile game also garnered some difference of opinion. Luckily we can all find some sort of common ground. Especially when it comes to these amazingly engineered custom Constructicon cassettes.
21 Aug 2018 01:59
When it comes to my most favorite things at SDCC this year, Joe is easy considering there were only really three things. The 1/4 scale Pop Culture Shock Storm Shadow is what a statue should be. Star Wars is easy too. The return of Clone Wars is easily the standout, but especially for a collector like me, the confirmation of animated-style figures is the true dream. Transformers was a bit of a mixed bag. The confirmation of the G1 reissues is great, but not the line-up I would have picked. The Cyberverse stuff is just crap. While I dig the WFC line, the price and size are killing me. The one shining exception is the gorgeous RID homaging Magnus. MOTU had some great reveals as well. However, it’s not the confirmation of Snake Mountain that was my favorite. I’ve always been a Mantenna fan, I especially always liked his Filmation character, as goofy as it was. So his Club Grayskull version is definitely the star of the show for me. Until next year.
23 Jul 2018 01:59
I think a lot of people have misconceptions about how great a toy G1 Transformers were. With Walmarts reissues coming, I think they’ll be getting a wake-up call about how amazing modern Transformers are. There are huge expectations when it comes to Hasbro’s Sail Barge. Their newest update doesn’t disappoint. Super7 seems to be doing a lot of things right lately. This includes offering their most popular and now sold out SDCC exclusive for pre-order to non-attendees. Unfortunately, those pre-orders are now closed. Joe even has a bit news in this week of weeks for news. There are new posters available for pre-order. They’re cool propaganda ones to boot unfortunately, they’re “sky” based.
10 Jul 2018 01:59
Convention exclusives used to motivate me, however this year the closest it gets is Laughing Adam from Super7. As amazing as it is, that’s a little sad. Masterpiece figures used to motivate me. Unfortunately, we’re over 40 deep and all the new ones are either repaints, Movieverse or Beastwars. New Star Wars movies used to motivate me. Now, that we get one every year, I’m just not that excited anymore. Jedi Temple Archive readers seem to feel the same way. It seems like no one is really motivated by G.I. Joe anymore except for me. Between the JoeCon exclusives and all the new announcements, I’m more motivated to collect Joe than any of the other lines right now.
27 Jun 2018 01:59
Companies are finally learning from their experience. Hasbro Toy Shop has finally listed their SDCC exclusives months in advance of the on-sale date that they also specified. Only took them 15 years to figure that out. Hasbro/Takara also seem to be learning from their past. The new MP Optimus Prime looks amazing. How many versions of it to you foresee buying? Super7 is a quick a learner as well. They have been fine-tuning their MOTU messaging through their Q and A. Unfortunately, to a point where they’re pretty much useless. A company that has never learned their lesson is FunPub. There’s not even a link on their site, but they have delayed their first FSS 7 shipment supposedly due to US Customs. Yet, they are delaying it for almost two months. JoeCon ran just as unsmoothly as usual as well. Considering this is their last year, I guess they’ll never learn.
6 Jun 2018 01:59
So many things to ensure that you’re not oblivious to. First, The Toys That Made Us is killing it. Their TF episode wasn’t perfect, but it was great. Something that has never been perfect, but I haven’t hated is the Joe movieverse. Looks like it will continue. MOTU had some great reveals of its own in the form of a couple new Mega Construx sets. EE has those and quite a bit of other MOTU items I was oblivious to. Finally, Lando is someone that was never a focus of mine, but his Skiff Guard disguise is something I couldn’t ignore. Okay, that was a stretch.
26 May 2018 01:59
Something I have never stopped looking for is the perfect version of Leia as Boushh. Is it weird I thought she was sexier as a bad-ass bounty rather than a submissive swimsuit model? This Legends-scale thing in Transformers seems to be neverending. However, I’ll never ask anyone to stop making Magnus figures. Something that is stopping is this FSS thing. I love Joe, I mean really love Joe, but how many of these characters do we need modern/$35 versions of? The Master’s movie seems unstoppable, even if some of us wish it would.
23 Apr 2018 01:59
Something I didn’t waste any time or money on was the Solo toy drop that happened with barely a whisper from the community. If you’re hunting, did waste some time making a checklist just for you. For some, stop-motion animation may feel like a complete waste of time, especially considering it takes on average an hour to film one second. I really love it and I’m excited that a Joe stop-motion film festival is debuting in my hometown. Hopefully, something that is not a waste of time and money is Super7 being back in China doing QC reviews of the Power-Con Filmation exclusives. Our first taste wasn’t great. With these coming in just under $200 (with tax, shipping and handling) for three figures, they had better be on point. Looks like Takara wasted an opportunity with their Encore God Fire. This $270 abomination is being recalled due to some serious QC issues. Sorry for the longer than usual diatribe this time around, let’s not waste any more of your time.
1 Apr 2018 01:59
I guess there is always another day, unless your Toys”R”Us. Their last day is coming. We talk about what that means and what the first day of the liquidation looked like. IDW’s Transformers run is also coming to an end. It’s a conclusion to an era and I’m excited for the next incarnation. Another thing that is approaching its last day is G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club. You can now purchase their last incentive figure. Something that looks like it has many days to come is HasLab. Their flagship product has been back by over 5,000 people. The Star Wars 3.75 community came together and crowdfunded a 2.5 million dollar project. Another thing that continues to have its day is Power-Con. This small but passionate convention consistently brings it and this year is no different. 3 Filmation exclusives are coming our way. They definitely have the power.
15 Mar 2018 01:59
I actually appreciate obsession. I feel it can be healthy if taken with a grain of salt. Kind of like this Hasbro Abominus. It looks amazing, but that’s probably not the truth. It’s most likely going to be very mediocre. If your Star Wars EU obsession hasn’t been satisfied, now you can buy Darth Revan by the case. With Super7 not really pushing the envelope, or even maintaining the quality of MOTUC, Masters fans may find their new obsession in these upcoming Mondo figs. Finally, it’s an interesting paradigm when one boxset has figures you are completely obsessed with and figures you could completely care less about. Great job G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club.
26 Feb 2018 00:59
Negativity really seems to rear its ugly head when there are new reveals. Our community seems to thrive on love and hate. Either loving to love or loving to hate. Something I really love is the new Black Series Gamorrean Guard. What I am kinda hating right now is the proliferation of stylized collectibles. Funko, Loyal Subjects, and now What Not Toys with their new Joe line capitalize on this need to express fandom. However, I do love that we’re getting more of these little stylized Masters guys. Something I’m saving my hate for is Hasbro’s new Cyberverse cartoon and corresponding figures. I’m sure I’ll find something positive about them.
19 Feb 2018 00:59
Are we talking about Toy Fair this show? No, not yet, we’re still a couple weeks behind, but that’s okay. However, we still have some amazing news this time around. I’m absolutely loving this year’s JoeCon set. While Marauders aren’t my thing, the club is absolutely killing it. Hasbro is also killing Star Wars, literally. They are killing the line with all of their superfluous crap. Is the Masters movie dead again? Not necessarily, but David Goyer is definitely out. Something I can’t wait to come out is MMC’s Bruticus. If this Vortex is any kind of precedent, MMC’s Bruticus will kill it.
6 Feb 2018 00:59
The G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club has had an international platform for 25 years. Not that they’re using it to end hunger or anything, but I for one will miss them. They released their last JoeCon brochure and I was ecstatic about Python Patrol, but a little sad too. The creators of the new She-Ra cartoon are using their social media platforms to spread some news about the upcoming Netflix show. The Star Wars team at Hasbro has another chance with The Vintage Collection and this is the best Wave 1 they could come up with? I was really hoping we would have a Transformers story about Hasbro hitting it out of the park to counter my previous link, but alas it’s all 3rd party. At least this TLK Hound upgrade kit is an example of using someone else’s platform.
26 Jan 2018 00:59
What’s next for you? If you’re a Joe fan, the Nok Stinger from the club will be the first official vehicle hitting since last year’s Joecon and it a beaut. The next TRU Masterpiece figure is in their system and we’re not talking Ironhide, well we might be, but not the Ironhide you think. I don’t know if this is our next oversized MOTUC toy, but one of my all-time favorites was number 1 on’s crazy multi-round poll thing. You can’t very well have Hordak without his Mantisaur, right? Our friends over at Jedi Temple Archives always seem to know what’s coming next for the big SW. Check out this casual hint to look back on some older posts.
13 Jan 2018 00:59
I do know I love little guys, I know I love Duocons. So these little guys are a no-brainer. Seems like most people know Hasbro is really killing it with their Legends line. From some of the cheapest toys out there to one of the most expensive. We know, for now at least, everytime the UCS Falcon goes up, it’s going to continue to sell out. That’s just crazy knowing it’s $799 price tag. No new toy news for MOTU or Joe, but at least there’s something for each. Nothing to really know yet, but She-Ra is going to have a little anime flava to her and Joe is going to be rebooted in 2020.
26 Dec 2017 00:59
You know what I love? That we are getting more Mega Construx Masters guys. I really enjoyed the He-Man and Skeletor courtesy of AliasAngelAlias and Lil’ Miss McFavorite. I also dig the Megatron Rules option on the upcoming G2 Megs. Not quite sure how I feel about a female Snake Eyes, but I do love that her premiere issue sold out. Something I have no doubt about loving is this ridiculously limited Echo Base collection from Columbia. The Han Paraka might be my favorite jacket ever.
15 Dec 2017 00:59
It’s time we get some MOTU movie news. We possibly have a director and I’m personally excited. I’m also excited that the AT-ACT has hit a reasonable price. It’s about time. Who would have ever thought Street Fighter Transformers would get the time of day. They did, unfortunately. Something else that is unfortunate is the FSS 7.0 Crystal Ball. My god GJCC, please don’t mess up this time.
27 Nov 2017 00:59
Something that is evident is that we’ll never get this under two hours. Especially when we have very divisive things to talk about like the Make America Great Again Jazz. Something that has been less divisive than usual, but still has to have just a little drama is the new FSS 7.0. I still love it! How is it that Joe has more news than MOTU? A minicomic we have talked about since Power-Con is literally the only official MOTU news. Something never at a loss for news is good’ole Star Wars. We talk about the new trilogy and the possibility of a new TV show.
13 Nov 2017 00:59
How good is the new Solo movie? The reality, at least Lucasfilm’s, is 20%. Can Ron Howard “save” the other 80%? The G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club FSS 7.0 is real and it’s spectacular. Something less spectacular, but still incredibly welcomed is the return of WTFWTK or now simply known as the Super7 Q and A over at Being old school, there is definitely something very real about print. That’s why all of those Takara rumors never seem like reality until the newest Figure King scans.
31 Oct 2017 01:59
For this year's Halloween decorations, I think this “life-size” Skeletor is possibly my favorite yet, with that ridiculous 9 foot T-Rex skeleton a close second. Something I do have a little history with is God Fire Convoy. Granted it was the American version, but this is not a good toy and at almost $300, please know your history. Do you want to do an homage? This year’s exclusive Cobra Missile Command Center killed it in my opinion. Find out about all the love that went into this thing. Lastly, while I really enjoyed The Force Awakens, I feel the fanboys’ concern of it being a little too similar to A New Hope. Now with The Last Jedi looking to be a return to the “Dark Side”, critics are all jumping on the possibility of it mirroring the Empire Strikes Back. All though still my favorite, I for one hope we see this trilogy blaze its own path and not repeat history, even if it is a beloved, successful history.
19 Oct 2017 13:59
While there were not many new reveals, seeing the most 3rd party stuff I’d ever seen in one place, really got my juices going. Vern’s too, but that’s something for the next episode. Here are some things that are now on my bucket list after TFCon. First is FaaaaansToooooys Terminus Giganticus. That is a MP-scaled Grimlock coming up to his knee, HIS KNEE. At the opposite end of the spectrum, you have the cutest Bruticus you have ever seen. Iron Factory killed it with that one. I’m kinda like Bobby Skullface when it comes to Tetra Jets, something about the first episode’s designs just does it for me. Even Soundwave’s goofy lamp post alt-mode. So it’s nice to see someone else focusing on that aesthetic. Last, but certainly not least, is this Ultimetal Ultra Magnus. This behemoth is almost indescribable, except Lotus does an amazing job of it in his almost one hour review of this collection centrepiece.
4 Oct 2017 13:59
Hascon is definitely cultivating a new community. It will be interesting to see how they follow up what could be considered a very successful first run at the con biz. The Star Wars community has spoken (or maybe just Kathleen and Lucasfilm) and Abrams is back for the conclusion of the sequel trilogy. Oh hey, Masters fans, remember bitching about the price hikes on MOTUC? How do you like the now consistent $35 dollar price tag? Yeah, I don’t like it either. Just think if we could have been a kinder more gentle community in the first place. With no new product next year for a crazy big community like G.I. Joe, is Marauder John’s stuff our future? Time will only tell.
19 Sep 2017 02:00
We talk about some things I would have definitely done differently. Take the Takara Tomy 10th Anniversary Movie line, please? Really, only a couple of hard to find figures? What about all those other hard, nay, impossible-to-find figures like DOTM Deluxe Soundwave or Leadfoot? Something else I would like to see done differently is the news updates from Power-Con. We didn’t even get some real confirmations until the hardest working man in the community put out his video. Considering the only two figures I really want from FSS 6.0 are Sub-Zero and Dojo, man, those head accessories. Could a hood and mask look worse? Lastly, something we won’t know about for at least a year, but something Kathleen Kennedy would and did do differently was the Han Solo movie and now Episode IX. I personally can’t wait for their releases so we can hopefully hear the dirt. However, it might be even longer.
8 Sep 2017 02:00
What do we do when we have possibly the shortest show ever? We talk, and talk, and talk and still go two and half-hours. What can I say, when talking toys the time flies. We gab about the Galaxy Meteor cancellation or not. I gush about James Eatock publishing an unreleased vintage minicomic for Power-Con. We get a little insight into likeness rights from a Tonnika Sister. And even Joe had a story. It may not be the end times, but your prayers and positive thoughts are always welcome.
23 Aug 2017 01:59
As it turns out, we spent about 5 hours to get there and about 8 hours to get back from our total eclipse experience. Spending about $200 total. Beyond worth it in my opinion. On this show we have something that is definitely worth it, Colorado Springs Comic Con. Just check out that guest list. Mattel continues to try to make what is quickly becoming their tired product worth it with their new subscription service. Something that is finally almost worth it is the AT-ACT. When it comes to Transformers, don’t ever pay secondary market prices, it’s not worth it and we talk about why.
9 Aug 2017 01:59
Feel like joining me in throwing away hundreds of dollars? Check out the "Super Fan" experiences for Hascon coming up in less than a month. Other things that would have cost you hundreds of dollars are these amazing test shots of canceled Joe figures. They had to be snow-themed, tear. Something that adds a little value, but still brings a tear to my eye for what they could have been are the gorgeous faux mini-comic covers accompanying the new Ultimates. Lastly, probably the best way to use hundreds of dollars is going to be visiting Star Wars Galaxy's Edge. This looks like it is going to be amazing!
12 Jul 2017 01:59
You know what is really crazy? This Shiva Force Box Set from Skybound. Is it infringement? Is it an homage? Either way, it will be mine even in my current state of employment. Another couple of exclusives that will test my level of sanity and the definition of infringement are the Four Horsemen's Power-Con exclusives. Luckily, there's one major release that everyone is crazy about that holds no interest for me and that's Takara's MP Sunstreaker. No matter your economic situation, theft should never be an option. Especially this kind of theft.
1 Jul 2017 01:59
Here we go, hurry up, hurry up, let’s go, let’s go. It’s summer time and it’s time to hurry. There is lotsa stuff going on so not a lot of time to muse. Something you needed to move fast on was Hasbro’s Fan Favorite Figure vote. However, it looks like comic fans won this year considering I have no idea who Doctor Aphra is. Another thing winning that I will not be participating in is this year’s Power-Con. Val Staples of fame continues to kill it with the premier MOTU convention. Something not killing it is the new Transformers movie. Even with a pretty impressive final trailer, it’s been pretty much universally panned by critics, again, with a whopping 15 percent on Rotten Tomatoes so far. The last thing is not quite killing it, but is about as good as we’re going to get, at least officially. The G.I. Joe Collectors Club announces FSS 6.0.
30 May 2017 01:59
After having to edit this beast, I am truly thankful for all the work Vern does. Our apologies for taking almost two months to release it, but hopefully you’ll find the wait worthwhile. We have a very special guest. Not to mention we’re almost twice the length of a standard cast. So take frequent breaks and be thankful, you never know when the next one will be posted. Spoiler, it’s already been recorded. Another spoiler, Celebration was last month. Yeah, that happened again. There was a lot of news, but perhaps the most exciting was the return of the second most beloved line in Star Wars history in 2018. In another throwback, Takara kills it by revisiting Targetmasters. The vintage nostalgia continues with Super7’s new vintage-era MOTU sculpts. Unfortunately there is no reverence for Joe as Hasbro looks to reboot the movie franchise again. Remember to be thankful for what you’ve got.
6 Apr 2017 01:59
Perhaps one of the best examples of circumstance has been Super7 taking the helm of Masters Classics. While the first effort was ideal, pre-orders of only what you want, even the “savior” of the line has understood that it requires an all-in or nothing approach. Which are you? Star Wars gets the award for one of the best ideas, the 40th Anniversary line and one of the worst ideas, Titanium 3.75 inch figurines. Transformers continued to make one of the strongest showings. Even if you’re not a movie fan, the CHUG line or Titans Return line as they are referring to it has some pretty great reveals. As per the usual, Joe is nowhere to be seen outside of a pitiful 3rd-party showing.
23 Feb 2017 00:59
The Four Horsemen, sculptors of MOTUC, are absolutely killing it with their Mythic Legions 2.0 Kickstarter. In the most amazing thing that no one in their right mind or at least no one with a budget will ever buy is Generation Toy’s Green Shadow. Absolutely beautiful translucence. Another thing that is absolutely beautiful, that everyone can afford is the new Lanard Kong. While they made some choices I don’t necessarily agree with, I love it for what it is. Unfortunately, we hardly ever get any “3rd Party” Star Wars stuff, but we did get a pretty exciting official release, the name and logo of the next movie in the Star Wars saga.
16 Feb 2017 00:59
Sometimes it’s pretty easy to get an action figure you want. Take the timely second run of Kultur/Tarn. Sometimes there are ones that are going to be impossible to get. Take the wave 11 single-packed TBS 6 inch Royal Guard. Then there are things like the Super7 Ultimates. They were super easy to get during the pre-order, but will impossible to get when they’re released. Finally, there are things nobody should want to get, take the Rise of Cobra props currently being auctioned.
23 Jan 2017 00:59
As toy collectors, it seems we always want more, but again it is relative. Depending on your point of view this show may have the least amount of news ever or the most amount of hosting ever. We muse about the outgoing Matty Collector administration. We discuss the new Boss Fight Studio wave as the trend of smaller collector-focused companies taking over for larger conglomerates continues. However, no matter what anyone says, Hasbro is still trying to make Transformers great again with their new Titans Return Kup. In our saddest news possibly ever, we say goodbye to our princess.
1 Jan 2017 00:59
Something we have a lot of hope for in the new year is Super7 and Masters of the Universe. We’ll soon see what they’re going to bring to the table. Unfortunately, something we don’t have a lot of hope for is the latest action figure Kickstarter. Something we know will continue to grow is the Masterpiece line, hopefully just not in price. $170 for a Seeker is just too damn much. Something we didn’t talk about much due to time was Rogue One and its relationship to Rebels. You won’t hear much about Rogue One on our next episode either, but just wait until Roger is back and we really kick off this new year.
12 Dec 2016 00:59
It doesn’t get much more hellish than the Transformers 5 trailer. Can we please end Bay’s run, please? At least Matty’s run is ending, but man they too are going out with a bang, in a bad way. Star Wars at least has what we hope is a shining light coming out this week in Rogue One. Unfortunately, much less exciting and the only Joe news is the most likely disappointing Hasbro Cinematic Universe.
25 Nov 2016 00:59
Listen while we discuss the heart wrenching, soul crushing price of Masterpiece Megatron. Listen while I try to reference the case assortment for the next wave of Black Series that wasn’t posted until after we reorded the show. Listen while we hem and haw over the new Super7 MOTU offerings. Finally, listen to me explain why we got probably the best Joe news since Joecon.
9 Nov 2016 00:59
Thanks for listening to us talk about a lot of stuff that doesn’t really matter, but at least is fun. We probably spend way too much time talking about this Asian exclusive mace for MP32 Optimus Primal and not nearly enough time about the new Joe-esque Kickstarter, Hell Screamerz. We definitely talk too much about these goofy MOTU Dorbz and definitely not enough time on the latest LucasFilm’s art exhibit, The Power of Costume.
27 Oct 2016 01:59
TFCon has really carved a niche in the Transformers world by catering to 3rd Party with a dedicated panel, and we talk about most of it. At the other end of spectrum, the new kid on the block just happens to have the biggest table of them all and they’re inviting you to kick it with them at Hascon 2017. At yet another con, Mondo’s showed off new 1/6th Masters which will most definitely become a cool table thing. Meanwhile, Hasbro looks like they are going to kick out a huge part of their Star Wars collecting inner circle in lieu of better margins.
17 Oct 2016 01:59
This show is the shit. We had a great time and I needed it. All of us are here talking NYCC, including the Super7 MOTUC reveals. While NYCC had some official reveals, a con none of us know the name of had the best Transformers reveals. Of course Star Wars had what is now becoming their standard panel, but at least we get some cool pics. And while Joe may never have another panel at a big con again, at least the 2 and 3-packs are hitting.
26 Sep 2016 01:59
As you can tell by now, we got another long one for you mofos. As Vern can attest to there’s not a lotta Masters and even less Joe news. What we do have is Transformers and of course, with Force Friday coming, a metric shit ton of Star Wars stuff. Target put up its answer to Amazon’s page and now with coupons from their ad or online code “FORCE” you can get $10 off $50 or $25 off $100. A new possible MP Megatron shows up and people lose their shit. What’s funny is the biggest MOTU news wasn’t even Masters and wasn’t even news. Unsurprisingly the Classics Lion-O sold out in a couple minutes. Again, as with Masters, the best Joe news wasn’t even Joe. And it was only loosely related to Joe.
15 Sep 2016 01:59
On a brighter note, TOYS! That's right, toys, bringing kids and grown men joy for decades. This time around Rogue One stuff goes off. Speaking of going off that is what you literally need to do to play Tappers of Grayskull. In contrast to the two previous, Titans Return news hits with "quality" over quantity. And with exactly two news stories, Joe is neither (insert Price is Right "you lost" sound here).
30 Aug 2016 01:59
What’s worse than a bad recording? It happening on a great show or at least one we had a blast recording. Roger is back and so is Masterpiece Soundwave. Also back is the Lego Death Star, bigger and better than ever. Well at least more expensive than ever. Speaking of expensive, the Joe Club is back with it next installment of its FSS series. Are you in for a Shattered Glass twin(s)? Something that may be back and Vern is still not in is Power-Con. Boo this man.
15 Aug 2016 01:59
This show is dominated by SDCC. We know that was almost a month ago, but hey, when have we ever been timely. For Transformers, the little Gnaw was the belle of the ball. For Masters the big news is Classics being taken over by Super7. Pixel Dan gets the scoop on what this means. For Joe at least there were some display cases. For Star Wars it wasn't much better, but at least we get some cool Black Series 6" stuff.
20 Jul 2016 01:59
We managed to shave some time off this show. While it’s still 2 and a half hours, that’s primarily because we just had an onslaught of SDCC news. The show was actually recorded in two parts due to some technical issues and the Comic-Con stuff is the first 45 minutes. It will probably take up even more time on the next show as we discuss all the news from SDCC. One thing it looks like we won’t know too much about is MOTUC. For the first time since the line started in 2009 there is not a panel this year. On the other extreme, Transformers has 3 panels, but none of them seem like toy panels. At least Star Wars still gets a toy panel, but even cooler than that are their exclusives this year. And for Joe, well, at least we’re getting an exclusive.
1 Jul 2016 01:59
In this marathon we talk about some amazing toy stuff, we get a little offensive, but most importantly we have lotsa fun. I cover my experiences attending Power-Con and Joecon. Spoiler, they were unreal and I had an absolutely amazing time at both. News-wise the gang all agrees this MP Inferno is the pooh, take a big whiff. Other things we all pretty much agree on are all the new fictions coming out for every brand. Rogue One = yay, Last Knight = nay, Masters = about time, and Hasbro Cinematic / Revolution = meh.
2 Jun 2016 01:59
With that said, we still have all the amazing news you have come to expect. Could we have seen almost every new official Hasbro Transformers toy for the next year in one week? Yup, probably so. Will we ever see a MOTUC Snake Mountain? Stay positive. Are we getting new 6 inch Star Wars figures for only $3? Yeah, kind of. Should we support G.I. Joe no matter the cost? Maybe not at this price point.
8 May 2016 02:00
Being possibly our longest show ever, we definitely talks some toys. We go in depth on what was confirmed to be the last Botcon, including FunPub’s shut down of TFSource. Could we have gotten one more G.I. Joe Ultimate Gift Set in 2013? All signs point to yes. It seems Matty still can’t make fans happy or possibly everyone just has amnesia. Anti-Enternia He-Man is a CHASE figure people, live with it. Now somethings that are not supposed to be chase figures, but unfortunately will probably end up being so are the next wave of the Walmart exclusive Black Series 3.75 line. While confirmed during this show, they’re actually hitting shelves.
2 May 2016 02:59
StarFest has an incredibly rich history, a true family feel and it doesn’t hurt that it’s the first show of con season. This year was no different. The one thing that was different was the location. We really wanted to love it, but it just didn’t have that same je ne sais quoi. While it did take away from the magic just a little, not as much as I thought it would. I still very much enjoyed traditions like star-studded panels, pictures with cosplayers and of course the dealer room. Due to Mrs. McFavorite only being able to join me on Friday night, I got to experience the con as a daddy daughter date day and with one of the OGest of OG sci-fi fans, mother-in-law, Schmommy McFavorite. So check the pics, take a listen and feel the love.
19 Apr 2016 02:59
As usual here are four things we covered that I find interesting. Did you see those G1 Transformers cartoon auctions? I wanted the 1986 story boards so bad, like second mortgage bad, but couldn’t pull trigger. Rumors of a new Big AT-AT surfaced. At the time we all said yeah right, why, then that Rogue One trailer. Oh man, that Rogue One trailer. I’m really digging these MOTU toy patents. We did have one special guest, Mr. Gary Godsoe from What’s on Joe Mind, stop by to talk about how you can Save G.I. Joe.
7 Mar 2016 01:59
We wrap up Toy Fair with probably the most exciting news of the show coming from Matty and Pixel-Dan. Unfortunately with another relatively lackluster Toy Fair in the bag, that’s not saying much. We did get confirmation via a Hasbro Q and A that another Black Series 6 inch vehicle is coming. The Joecon theme was also confirmed via this year’s brochure. Lastly, got what is probably going to be about a grand to spare? You too could buy an Ultra Magnus that doesn’t even transform. However, he is still pretty bad ass.
19 Feb 2016 01:59
In the “who didn’t see this coming, but glad they’re finally here” category, Funko finally showed off their full color ReAction MOTU line. In the “surprise, but don’t we have most of this stuff” category, the next Lego Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) set is yet another Hoth base with supporting entourage. Thankfully it has a couple things I’m really excited for. As usual Transformers wins the “worst kept secrets/reveals” category. I just wish we could be surprised with something. G.I. Joe won for “the most disappointing” category and that’s hard to do at Toy Fair. Unfortunately they surprised us with no new Joe product.
10 Feb 2016 01:59
Sometimes you gotta love some cheese. Like that Force Awakens pig thing. I love that they made that. But, I really love that they made a MP Menasor. It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine. Virtruvian H.A.C.K.S. shipping is as close as to news as we get for Joe. At least Masters has a director, maybe. Unfortunately, this guy’s a music video director named after a McDonald’s gangsta.
29 Jan 2016 01:59
I’m excited for the new uncharismatic bore, but still have some trepidation. It’s the same feeling we have about the supposed combined shipping from Matty that no one knows about including them. Has the long rumored Rattler reissue been confirmed? Nope. Do we care? Not really. Lastly, I provide a little more evidence to the theory that I actually didn’t see The Force Awakens by not knowing/remembering that Ackbar makes a cameo. Marijuana’s a hell of a drug.
14 Jan 2016 01:59
We're back to our familiar format after having an absolute blast yapping about The Force Awakens. We address the latest and possibly the greatest FunPub hubbub ever. Again, timely as usual, but at least you get to hear what fans at all levels of club spectrum think about the future of these two polarizing organizations or should I say organization. Meanwhile, Masters and Matty continue to make more news via their licensees than their figures. Finally, everybody is Star Wars crazy and at least this time it has nothing to do with distribution.
4 Jan 2016 01:59
Back in 1999 I never I thought I would be talking about a sequel to my favorite film franchise of all time. I knew I would have an opportunity to see a prequel, which everyone at that point was extremely excited about. In fact I dare say people were more excited back then than we were this year. George had said there would never be sequels because it was the story of Anakin. Especially after his vision or more so his execution left such a bad taste in most people’s mouths, I was sure I would never do this. However, I have learned when there is money to be made never say never. So here we are, talking (for almost 3 hours) about a sequel to a movie that is over 33 years old and I loved every minute of it. No, not the movie itself, but the discussion. No review spoilers here, you’ll have to listen to see what I and the new crew thought of the movie that is destined to be the highest grossing movie of all time, at least for awhile.
8 Dec 2015 01:59
We try to make up for lost time with our longest episode ever. And I do mean EVER. Can you say 3 and a half hours? That’s right kids. I have finally started to let go of my obsessive need to try to keep the show short. However we still had to cut a couple segments just to maintain our sanity. During the marathon we discuss the Joe Club’s new incentive figure and possible Joecon sets. Is Hasbro starting its own Transformers con? Probably not, but we can dream. A legend wins an award for a really crappy toy and we fawn over the new Masters mini-comic collection. It truly is an amazing collectible. So please, sit back, relax and enjoy the toy goodness.
3 Apr 2014 02:59
We're light on news this time around, but still manage to tangent this thing out to an hour and a half. We got to some a very disappointing size comparison for Masterpiece Bumblebee. We review one of my most anticipated MOTUC figures of the entire line. One of my most anticipated episodes of TV premieres tonight as well. Here's hoping they do it justice. For lack of any better Star Wars news, this happened.
20 Mar 2014 02:59
This time around we discuss the first true 3rd party Gobots homage. We get the very reasonable pricing on the G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary TRU exclusives. Leland Chee posts what I'm considering the best way to watch the Clone Wars from beginning to end, literally. Lastly, could we be seeing Lego compatible Masters of the Universe? Find out why we may not even have to wait until a "movie year". All this and more on our first regular episode in almost a year.
3 Mar 2014 01:59
Mrs. McFavorite wanted to bring the cast back and I thought there would be no better time than one of the two largest yearly milestones for news in our community. That's right, they're doing that again. While this year was a little lackluster, there were still some amazing reveals across the board. First Matty revealed Rio Blast. Being from New Mexico, cowboy themed toys always have held a special place for me, especially ones armed to the teeth. Something a lot of people had doubts about was Joe, but as promised at SDCC, Hasbro came with the goods for the 50th Anniversary. Especially this little snow-themed two-pack with two of my favorite vehicles and modern take on one of my favorite drivers of all time. Transformers brought the heat as usual, this time figuratively in the form of a Generations Leader Jetfire. Lastly, while seeing this made me this most happy, a certain gangster slug was the big reveal for Star Wars. Unfortunately with the rumor a version with dais and Salacious Crumb is planned for SDCC it looks like we might be headed for another Carbonitegate.
16 Jul 2013 02:59
In the same fashion as two years ago. It's 4 am, we leave for our flight in 12 hours. I still have to pack, send out BMF's first birthday invitations, put together our swag, clean out our back room for the in-laws, do a return and most importantly get some quality time with BMF since I worked a 12 hour day. Sleep? Who needs sleep. Watch the feeds for live blogs of all the big toy panels. See you after the con!
26 Jun 2013 02:59
Wow, just WOW! That was our initial reaction as we approached the Denver Convention Center on Friday for our first taste of the 2nd annual Denver Comic Con. As we neared the entrance I overheard a door person explaining that this was the beginning of the line and that the end of the line wrapped around block. The most shocking thing was he stated it would be shorter to go the opposite direction to get to the end of the line. It was at that moment I knew we were in for an AMAZING show.
10 May 2013 02:59
Hey, hey, hey, it's con season and we got some reporting to do, and we are going to talk about a panel or two. You'll have some fun now with me and the Mrs. here. Learning about StarFest while we drink some beer. Na, na, na, we had a good time. Na, na, na, your gonna have a good time!
4 Mar 2013 01:59
This is one my favorite shows of the year. As usual we had some amazing announcements this year. Mattel blew their load involuntarily and in those leaks was one of my favorite things from show. It is perhaps one of my favorite figures from the entire line in his best homage yet. While most of the G.I. Joe toys had already been shown, we did get this treat. No matter how many versions of this figure we see, every time he just gets better and better. Transformers had my best of show yet again. No it wasn't the largest Transformer to date; it was one of my favorite characters from the '86 movie. Finally Hasbro rocked the community with its announcement of a new Star Wars 6″ line. Black Series is possibly the "crossover" that may save the Star Wars line. Only time will tell.
19 Feb 2013 01:59
So what got us excited before what was one of the best Toy Fairs to date? The biggest news in years was the announcement of the Gentle Giant sculpted Star Wars Black Series 6 inch line. This has got me incredibly excited. Robot Kingdom once again teased us with a preorder outta left field for the Transformers brand. While not necessarily a preorder, a major retailer's computer system revealed yet another amazing item, this time for the G.I. Joe franchise. While not necessarily action figure related, Masters of the Universe had some great new items as well and it's finally something Mrs. McFavorite can appreciate.
19 Jan 2013 01:59
Project Genesis continues to amaze us. Now we just need some alt mode pics. On the opposite end of the size spectrum are these new Lego Star Wars polybags. I'm loving the Umbarran MHC, both scales. One of my favorite figures this year is MOTUC Granamyr. Find out if he was worth the almost $100 price tag and if you should hunt him down on the secondary market. Bringing up the rear yet again is G.I. Joe, but at least Wave 2 of the Retaliation was in stock at one retailer.
23 Nov 2012 01:59
Here's our fifth annual Black Friday cast. As you're gorging on turkey and/or deals, remember as collectors we have hundreds, sometimes thousands of things to be thankful for. But, please do not forget to be thankful for the things that really matter, friends and family.
22 Nov 2012 01:59
If you saw my last post, you know I'm not really feeling these as of late. So I'm taking a break. We're not taking a break, just me in regard to writing posts to accompany the shows. I just need to want to do these and I right now I don't. FYI our 5th Annual Black Friday show will be out tomorrow. Spoiler, there's not that much on sale at least in the stores. Here's hoping my online research turns up more deals tomorrow.
29 Oct 2012 02:59
Perhaps the biggest news, literally, is the MOTUC Castle Grayskull. The thing is massive and we're creeping up towards the minimum. If you haven't pre-ordered yet, do so NOW. G.I. Joe actually had some news this time around. Hasbro announced Kre-O is finally repping Joe-style. Most of it looks pretty bad, but there are a few pieces I can't wait for. So everyone knows this is a thing. I'm excited about the game, but I could care less about the toys. Finally, I'm so happy to see that we'll be getting the GDO G1 Deco ROTF/HFTD Leader Starscream. Man that's a mouth full.
5 Oct 2012 02:59
You will hear about the amazing reveal at the MOTUC panel at Power-Con. Did you know there was a missing Star Wars figure? Me neither. G.I. Joe was abysmal this week (as usual). No wonder they preempted their NYCC event with Kre-O news. Finally, Transformers, as usual, had a slew of news. Not quite as exciting as what we found out after the cast, but still interesting nonetheless.
14 Sep 2012 02:59
With that out of the way, now on to the happy. Here are my favorite things from the show. First up, Celebration VI gave us our first in hand look at the Vintage Collection Royal Guard. I bought an extra opener and now I wish I had bought ten. I talk about focus characters during the show and the Royal Guard is to Star Wars as Soundwave and his minions are to Transformers. That makes this e-Hobby/TFCC colabo an absolute must. Joe news is almost non-existent as usual, but another focus character rears his beautiful shoe? Finally while I couldn't keep the focus character train rolling, we did review one of my favorite Masters of the Universe Classics piece of the entire line.
26 Jul 2012 02:59
SDCC 2012... If you can't think of at least a half of a dozen things you're excited about you need to find a new hobby. I don't think I said this on the show, but here are my favorite announcements from each line. For Masters this guy was killing it for me. Nostalgia will usually trump everything and Jitsu was one of my favorites as a kid. While Joe fans got the shaft once again panel-wise, fan sites got the opportunity to talk to the man with the plan, Derryl DePriest. He sounds excited for the 50th anniversary next year. He let it be known while it's the 50th for the brand, it will still focus on ARAH and that makes me excited. For the transforming giant robot lover in me, the news that we'll be getting the Asian Exclusives/China Imports trumped even a mechanized space dinosaur from a video game. And you know how much I love all of those things individually, let alone all in one toy. Lastly Star Wars was pretty lackluster, but again the nostalgia came through. We didn't just get the nostalgia of a Speeder Bike that explodes, for the first time it will come with a flight stand. While I've got my issues with the stand itself, it's a welcome addition to the line. All in all it was a great show. Can't wait until next year.
14 Jul 2012 02:59
This week is mostly catch up with all the craziness leading up to SDCC. Not a lot news, but ridiculous amounts of sightings and new pre-orders which is about par for the course. With Joecon came The Concept Case. This thing has instigated a lot of discussion and as with all fandoms a good share of negativity. These two Kreon "combiners" kicked off what we would find out at SDCC is basically an amazing new direction for Kre-O Transformers. Star Wars has been a little lack luster as of late, but we have a little more Vintage on the way, but not much else. SPOILER, the first part of 2013 is going to suck. Lastly, Matty had an amazing (in my opinion at least) albeit expensive month. The Griffin, Atrocitus, Green Lion, Horde Prime and Snake Man-At-Arms were superb.
22 Jun 2012 02:59
As usual, we get plenty of toy talk in during the show which was recorded in its entirety at Denver Comic Con 2012. In Masters news, we're getting a great quarterly variant in one of my favorite vintage toys, Dragon Blaster Skeletor. While we're in a holding pattern with Joe for the next 7-8 months, we got an amazing Joe compatible product in Marauder "Gun-Runners" Series 6. In the "coolest thing I've seen in a while" category is this Star Wars Lego hologram display. My favorite news of the show? Masterpiece Soundwave with a MP Laserbeak and his other minions are not only confirmed, but displayed. While the uncharismatic bore is a pretty simple Masterpiece relatively, the Laserbeak is amazing. His guns actually fold in on his cassette mode. I CANNOT wait for this, no pun intended, masterpiece.
3 Jun 2012 02:59
Did you know we're finally getting Mekaneck? Oh and what a neck it is. Speaking of Meka's, we're also getting a mechanized Darth Maul in a Battle Pack with one of the hardest to find Clone Wars figures and a fan favorite. Even if the Voyager Fall of Cybertron Soundwave poops out his data discs (never knew difference of disc vs. disk), I still love him with all my heart. Something else I love is's new Toy Archive. It's amazing when the best get better.
27 May 2012 02:59
The reason why we normally don't do interviews or have guests on is we love the dynamic of just "kicking it". From the get go Gary "Commander and Chief" and Mike "Beach Head" Irizarry of What's on Joe Mind fit right in. It was literally seconds until we were all laughing and that's what really matters. We all felt so at home that just our con segment took over one and a half hours. So we decided to just scrap our regular format and spend the next hour talking about the postponement of G.I. Joe: Retaliation. We talked what it meant for the movie, the franchise and most importantly the toys. Since Gary and Mike didn't say too much on the What's on Joes Mind Special Edition 13: The Retaliation Reaction, this is the first opportunity to hear all their thoughts on what is arguably the most significant news in the Joe fandom in recent history.
16 May 2012 02:59
Five years in a row. Just thinking about it makes my wallet want to cry and my heart soar. Although I always exercise amazing restraint in the dealer room, I always buy all the exclusives. That right there puts you $300+ in the hole before the show even starts. However, this year I got to live vicariously through my show buddies Optimus Andy and Tylertron. They definitely took advantage of their first Botcon. I definitely took advantage of kicking it with two amazing guys. From cutting lines to being duped by a fast talking con man, from partaking in my "water" habit to getting lost in Dallas for hours. I couldn't have asked for a better last hurrah. We even got to spend time with long time Botcon bro, Saber, or as he calls himself nowadays, Bruce.
23 Apr 2012 02:59
With over three and a quarter hours of toy talk, you could easily spread this cast out over a week. Let us see, Monday would be con news, a smattering of great toy news and some Matty/MOTUC Q and A. Tuesday would yield a little more toy news, a look at 3rd party love and possibly the Store Report. Wednesday would have us looking at some new stuff online, including As well as a quick look at What I Got. Thursday we would look at this amazing transforming Sky Striker Starscream and some affordable cancelled G.I. Joes. Finally we would round out the week of toy goodness by hearing from you, talking some Botcon and then some non-toy news from the franchises. Not a bad a week, in my opinion.
11 Apr 2012 02:59
As usual we talk a bunch of toys, but instead of highlighting a few of them with this post, I really wanted to focus on what has me most excited right now, Attack on Cobra Island. What's Attack on Cobra Island you say? It's an amazing old school 16 bit side scrolling G.I. Joe brawler. It is literally the game that every red blooded 80s G.I. Joe fan should've wanted back in the day. In just a few minutes of playing you can easily tell that it is a labor of love. IP infringing, fangasming love. While I roll with a pretty loose set of ethics when it comes to IP and the fandom, I believe not-for-profit projects like this need to be celebrated. Huge thanks to Justin over at General's Joes for posting about this.
14 Mar 2012 02:59
It seems like the whole community is bitching. I just wish everyone could remember this is supposed to be fun. Speaking of fun, what's more fun than new Disney Star Wars figures? How about a Transformer that turns into 6 different things? No, I got it, a UFO Transformer with an old school bubble helmet. If saving money is your thing, both BBTS and Matty have pretty good sales right now. We also hear from a old friend. Finally, we pick the winner of our Toy Fair 2012 Giveaway.
21 Feb 2012 01:59
It's that time of year again. We kick it Toy Fair style. It's the Super Bowl of action figure events. Where plastic addicts from all around the world rejoice and/or bitch about all the new toys we'll be getting.
11 Feb 2012 01:59
While this is the Super Bowl weekend of toy news, we recap everything leading up to this weekend of weekends. We kick around the leaks from UK Toy Fair, Transformers Prime releases and G.I. Joe Retaliation toys. There are some great preorders if you like the small stuff. Robert Atkins put on one hell of a custom contest. After almost a year of the Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime retrospective, we're finally reviewing Fansproject TFX-04 Protector Armor. And if you think that was a lot of reviews, I still have two more we could have done, but Mrs. McFavorite would have killed me.
25 Jan 2012 01:59
One thing still makes everything right in the world, talking toys. Even though I can’t buy any right now, I still love following all the updates. While we haven’t actually talked news in over 2 months we were able to keep the cast to just under two and a half hours. During the show we discuss the onslaught of con news, recent MOTUC happenings, new Transformers toys, the collector clubs’ upcoming exclusives and some of the best 3rd party products we’ve seen in a while. As you can imagine we picked up quite a few new toys over the holidays. Finally we give our thoughts on the Travel Channel’s Toy Hunters.
15 Jan 2012 01:59
The toys of the 80's were literally a perfect storm of relaxing federal regulations, the proliferation of cable TV and syndication and media tie-ins. Gone were the previous generation’s large 12" and clothed dolls. The late 70’s saw a relatively unknown film usher in a new era of action figures and with it a new approach to toy marketing. With the advancements in technology in the last 20 years, such as life-like video games and the World Wide Web, unfortunately kids will never have an experience like we did. While we normally cover the 4 boys’ lines that have dominated action figure isles for the last 30+ years, this time around we talk about our other favorite lines from what many kids that grew up during that time call the best decade ever, the 80's.
25 Nov 2011 01:59
Well both of us just woke up from a tryptophan coma. Now we need to get ready for the Black Friday madness. We have one of your favorites back on the show. Hope you enjoy this year's cast.
11 Nov 2011 01:59
We got some great toy news for you this time around. The G.I. Joe Collector Club has revealed a ton of their new Figure Subscription Service (FSS) figures. If you want to decide not only the next Fans’ Choice figure for Star Wars, but probably a majority of the obscure figures to come in the next few years, go vote now! Did you now there’s a Dinobot combiner? There is and it looks good, not great, but that might be good enough. Finally, it’s that time of year. Hasbro Toy Shop has 25% off and free shipping for all of their friends and family and who’s a better friend than us. It applies to almost everything, sans the only thing people really want, the exclusives.
18 Oct 2011 02:59
Power-Con showed some new, new, new shit. First one of my favorite Masters figs is coming and I didn't know I even wanted a Griffin, but now I can't live without out it. Another one of my favorite figures might be coming too. I got a little coupon crazy this week, even more so than normal. We announce the winner of our 3rd Annual Swagaway. Lastly , I'm honored by one of the most renowned reviewers in the community. As with all of our co-hosted shows, this was definitely one of my favorites. Hope it's one of yours too.
23 Sep 2011 02:59
And now, TOYS. With exclusives Runamuck, Runabout, Footloose and the upcoming Joe sub it's a great time to be a member of the Collector Clubs. Is Amazon really opening a toy only site? HELL to the YES! Hasbro is going to make us a new figure. You just have to tell them which one. There's some new stuff on pegs, shelves and that Web thing. More importantly, don't forget to enter our 3rd Annual Swagaway. Just let us know your favorite thing from Comic-Con 2011 before October 1st.
4 Sep 2011 02:59
Since what is becoming our standard post-SDCC absence, there hasn't been too much toys news. The G.I. Joe Collectors' Club has announced more details about their sub, including the first two figures. Matty has gone sub crazy, but what's new? As usual, there has been a glut of product in stores after SDCC. Mostly DOTM, but even the 30th Anniversary Joes are showing up early. To go along with the whole golden age / homage thing, Hasbro and Amazon finally released their Transformers: The Movie 25th Anniversary Unicron and it was a quick sell out, and I mean quick sell out, for Amazon at least. Oh, by the way, look what I got. Lastly, those Star Wars Blu-rays are drawing a lot of attention and a lot of it is not so good.
2 Aug 2011 02:59
How can you not get excited about the new Clone Wars and Vintage Collection Figures? While pricey, what kid of the 80's wouldn't have killed for a 2 foot Voltron figure? Speaking of the 80's, what about Mattel finally getting the Filmation rights? We've got a Filmation accurate Grannamyr and Shadow Weaver coming. How about Transformers Generations continuing with a new Junkion? In this day and age where spoilers run rampant and are almost the norm, it's simply amazing to be one of the first to hear about and sometimes see brand new toys. This episode only briefly touches on my addiction. What we really try to do is give you the full SDCC experience. For more Comic-Cony goodness, don't forget to check out the photos on Flickr and videos of all the important toy cases on YouTube.
20 Jul 2011 02:59
We're in San Diego. It's 30 minutes until we hit the con. No time for musing. Congratulations to Cliff for winning the SDCC Personal Shopper Contest. Here's the new podcast.
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