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  Links and Offers  

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1 Aug 2022 05:59
Pretty easy picks this year for top reveals. I always love me an origins story. Gotta get another Pax, but a good Alpha has been a long time coming. I think it’s safe to say Classified Serpentor stole the show. Well, maybe not if you’re a MOTU fan. That Eternia, am I right? Star Wars was a little lack-luster, but I’ll take another Credit Collection wave.
18 Jul 2022 05:59
Glad I don’t want to order too many of Super7’s Joe exclusives, but their ReAction set with Snake Eyes and Shipwreck in Cobra disguise and Cobra bot is amazing. Much less amazing was the TFCon 3rd Party Panel. I was all excited because I thought a Planet-X Snarl was something I needed, turns out it was Fansproject I’m missing. The MEGA Snake Mountain is a hot item, but I’m glad I waited on it. While Star Wars had a lot of great reveals, none were more exciting than me as a Black Series Stormtrooper.
4 Jul 2022 05:59
These toy companies have been busy to varying degrees of success. The HasLab HISS killed it! Now bring on more stretch goals. I cannot wait to see the new Star Wars Micro Galaxy in stores. Especially the Troop Transport. However, the “new” Transformers Crossovers have a lot to be desired. Mattel tried to pull a fast one by putting the new Mega Construx or now just MEGA Snake Mountain on Mattel Creations. Not only is the going to be a mass release, but the Creations orders are still just pre-orders.
20 Jun 2022 05:59
I have been so lazy the last few days. Not really feeling doing the whole writing thing. I need to catch up on real life.
6 Jun 2022 05:59
I am still a sucker for repaints, but I have grown to really love drastically different designs of a character. No longer does a chromed Stormtrooper matter, but a concept design-based reimaging of characters like the Black Series Concept Obi and Vader, a yes, please. No thank you to black Primes, but hell yes to a minor retool to homage a vintage character like Ransack. Even new characters like Kol Darr, do not hold as much sway compared to getting 200x designs in Origins. So maybe it is more connection and its derivatives more than anything. Not worried about the Classified Rock n’ Roll, probably won’t get him either way. However, when it comes to Shipwreck, I want him to look like he walked right out of the cartoon.
23 May 2022 05:59
In hindsight, what is truly amazing about the toys we talk about? Considering we talk about franchises that have lasted over 40 years, it could be said almost anything. However, we sure have a lot to bitch about, and for good reason. These should be better. So instead of featuring my favorite things from this show, let’s talk about the worst things from this show. The new “no plastic” packaging is the death of carded figure collecting. Ducks? We don’t need no stinkin’ ducks, especially Transformers ducks. I love plastic model kits and a $100 6-inch scale vehicle sounds amazing. That is until it has a ridiculous large Arashikage logo plastered on it for no reason. Since there is no Masters news as usual, we’ll pick on the 4 Horsemen. While the figures are amazing, who gives a 2-pack the name Furious Four?
9 May 2022 05:59
Lately, I’ve found myself supporting things I would not have in the past. As companies finally figure out that we will shoulder more cost we’re getting larger, more exclusive, and deeper cuts. Not to mention the proliferation of 3rd party non-Transformers projects. If you’re not careful you can “support” yourself into a corner. What about a third 3rd party Bantha? Or, a four-foot Metroplex? The latest Kickstarter ninjas could definitely use your support. Lastly, Hiya has my support for their 7″ Godzillas.
25 Apr 2022 05:59
Third-Party definitely influenced Hasbro with those ankle rockers. During these Transformers Fan First events, they are constantly touting those things. What happens when a 3.75 vintage line influences a vintage-style 3.75 line? A whole lot of people that do not care about the new wave G.I. Joe ReAction figures. With the new Silverhawks Ultimates getting more obscure, they’re starting to lose a little luster. Finally, I try multiple times during the show to get people to buy discounted Star Wars Legos.
11 Apr 2022 05:59
I think people were happy, for the most part, with the Fan First Star Wars event. Especially us, who love the EU and Disney’s new version of it. Something, that now in hindsight, might receive a little criticism is the Commander Class Motormaster that was leaked. Two things that received overwhelming praise and minimal feedback are Classified Dr. Mindbender and Mega Contrux Zombie He-Man. I think the only criticism we received live, was from opener-extraordinaire, AAA. He complained there was too much packaging. That was quickly categorized as opinion.
28 Mar 2022 05:59
I’ll tell you what will always put a smile on my face, the Horde. That’s what made the new MOTU reveals so exciting. I’m not a Bot Bot guy, but an Autobot symbol and a cat lady? Yes please. The new GameStop exclusive Republic Commando Fixer is truly a Gaming Great. See what I did there. The thing I think that made me the happiest, another wave of Joe Ultimates. While pricey, these things really make me smile.
21 Mar 2022 05:59
What started off as a discussion on the soaring prices of toys turned out to be more of a referendum on value. What value to find in your toys? Are they investments, just for fun? Are you like me, it’s a hobby and I love them. If I or my family get some money for them in the future, great. Cliff drops his thoughts on why he canceled tons of his pre-orders. In the end, I frantically try to show what things cost ten years ago. Then I go on to demonstrate what a bad manager of money I am.
14 Mar 2022 05:59
Really not feeling writing right now and this is something on my to-do list. Going to keep it simple. Peace.
28 Feb 2022 05:59
That Joe 40th stream was amazing. Especially the digital reveals. The Insectitrain is one of my favorite Transformers concepts ever and we might get it in legends-scale. If you’re a fan of reissues, you can now get some minty assassins. The Saurozoic Warriors aren’t Masters, but I love them like they are.
14 Feb 2022 05:59
As it should be, the Fan First days continue to be the highlight of toy reveals nowadays. These replacements for Toy Fair and SDCC continue to produce at least one or two gems each time. For Transformers we got our first official looks at Leader Sludge and a new Junkion. For Star Wars, the Nightbrother was dope, but what was really interesting was their “Pipeline” reveals. With so much Twilek love in Book of Boba, I’m glad to see Aayla Secura finally coming to the Black Series. The big news Joe-wise was the tease of Hiya securing a license to make figures. It’s not 100% clear if they’ll be doing 1/18 and/or their new 1/12th scale, but excited to see what they come up with. Mattel got a little more woke with their latest wave of MOTU Origins. Not sure how I feel about what seems like such a forced effort, but I applaud any effort that combats centuries of unenlightened thinking.
31 Jan 2022 05:59
The Joe Fan First thing was pretty great. Lotsa repacks, but hey at least they’re “vintage packaging” 🙁 Since there is hardly any MOTU news nowadays, let’s go with these amazing Thundercat villain statues. Always advocating for MFT, I’m loving their Trailbreaker. Then to end on a down note, we’re in for another round of price increases. Star Wars is taking full advantage of this in the form of hundreds of Mandalorians.
10 Jan 2022 05:59
After our shortest show in years follows one of the longest. For good reason. We cover the new 1099 rule that has gone into effect starting at the beginning of this year. Any Goods and Services transactions on payment platforms (PayPal, Venmo, etc.) totaling more than $600 will be reported to the IRS and you will have to claim it as income. Since almost all the major marketplaces (eBay, Mercari, etc.) use these platforms, the profitability of toy selling is going to take a nosedive. For the casual collector, this might be a good thing. It will hopefully mean less scalping. The margins using eBay and fee-based services had to have been razor-thin to begin with. Now they’re going to have to pay anywhere from 15-30% more on top of those fees, not to mention additional payment service fees.
27 Dec 2021 05:59
What’s really insane is the deep cuts we’re getting. I love this stuff and I think that’s what really gets me in trouble. The Super7 ReAction radiated Snake Eyes from the M.A.S.S. Device mini-series is amazing. The new Gaming Greats Arc Troopers? Not only have Arc Troopers never appeared in any movies but then to get three of them from one game in two different scales? Probably one of my biggest deep cuts literally, not only for size but considering you only see them in one episode of Transformers for seconds are the Guardian Robots. It looks like we’ll be getting a new one. Not necessarily a deep cut but something that makes you realize what a niche we have created for ourselves is the new Amazon exclusive t-shirt club for Revelations, not just a shirt but a monthly delivery of shirts from an obscure media exclusive to a streaming platform that even die-hards are on the fence about.
6 Dec 2021 05:59
Some of us spent a lot of money on HasLab projects, but not as much as we could have. So the most I’ve ever spent on a toy was Unicron. And while it brings me tremendous joy I am literally afraid to transform it. The biggest story I think was the Rancor failing, not miserably, but it was pretty bad. Even the last-minute addition of the Rancor Keeper couldn’t save it. I think $350 was just too much. I was on the fence about Victory Saber, just not really my Transformers. However, after unlocking everything, $180 seemed like a good value. Now we get to see a sampling of the parts that will go into him. Just a day after the Rancor failed, the Sky Striker looked destined to meet the same fate. Similar to the Rancor Keeper, an added Cobra 3-Pack and a pretty cool marketing ploy didn’t seem like it was going to pull it off. Whether it was speculators moving their money from the Rancor or FOMO once it looked like it was going to make it. It came close to unlocking every stretch goal by almost doubling the number sold in just one day. In addition to all that, you get to see me buy a toy during the show and almost immediately regret not buying two.
22 Nov 2021 05:59
While it was amazing to talk to my guys, it wasn’t without its controversies. I personally loved the adidas Transformers crossovers, but nobody else did. No MOTU news, but about as close as it gets is the Party Wagon from Super7. It even gets compared to Snake Mountain. The only thing Joe this time around was some grab bag comic news, but we could agree on if this was a good thing or not, or if we even cared. The one thing that we all agreed on is the HasLab Rancor is going to fail.
8 Nov 2021 05:59
I think it’s time to be thankful for 3rd Parties (i.e. non-big 4 companies) as we continue to get amazing stuff from these smaller guys. Especially the Marauder complimented Roboskull Kickstarter. This campaign unlocked some amazing stretch goals. Even though I’m not usually into throwback 5.5 stuff, the new Lords of Power line definitely caught my attention. While not a direct connection to Star Wars, I think we’re lucky to be getting a second wave of Silverhawks so fast. Even if includes a $40 chair. Finally, just some good ole’ fashion Transformers 3rd Party goodness. Always love me some G2 Bruticus action.
25 Oct 2021 05:59
How about the Pulse Con, huh? Crazy good stuff from my POV. Love the Kickback, Justified in Boba armor, and especially Croc Master. In addition to that rush, MOTU finally had something that makes me super-happy.
11 Oct 2021 05:59
There were some things I loved this time around that are not based on much logic. Super7 keeps sucking me in with their ReAction deep cuts. It doesn’t take much to get me excited about a TF Joe crossover, even it’s just a passing resemblance like TFC Tyrant, i.e. Dominator Megatron. I can’t quite figure why I like the George Lucas Black Series figure. I think it’s just so goofy, it deserves to be in my collection. What doesn’t take a lot of logic to know why I love it so much is the Revelation Stinkor. He is absolutely beautiful and I love that it has an extra masked head.
27 Sep 2021 05:59
I liked the TVC Droids Figures, OG Scorponok, this MOTU board game, and possibly getting a good Joe game.
13 Sep 2021 05:59
What toys do you think kids will find visceral 20 years from now? Any? That’s right, toys are not for kids anymore. The Rancor is something I remember clearly. I used to feed it my Luke until he got stuck. Here’s hoping the Haslab version can create a new feeling. Jurassic Park is another visceral movie for me. So, I have a huge soft spot for the new Transformers Crossover set. While I absolutely love the vintage Hordak. It’s one of my most favorite figures I ever owned. But there is something about a blue Hordak. The Power-Con Exclusive Mondo 1/6th scale version is perhaps one of the most beautiful things I have seen in my life. Perhaps Sgt. Slaughter’s crossover with G.I. Joe, creating a perfect combination of two of the biggest loves of adolescent boys in the 80s, gives you that feeling. We talked about how that came to be.
23 Aug 2021 05:59
This week we had some controversy, maybe, so I’m going to focus on some of our more controversial news stories. First and foremost is the renaming of Slave 1 to The Firespray. Where do you stand on rewriting history? The new MOTU series and toys are bound to split fans. Seems like some fans just can’t get down with kid-based stuff. Would you support a Victory Saber HasLab project? What if it was $300? Do you support things to simply support the brand? Lastly, it looks like TRU will be back in the form of pop-up shops in Macy’s. If their online site is any indicator of what the offerings might look like, collectors are not going to be happy.
9 Aug 2021 05:59
I haven’t been too busy to catch up on the big 4’s media. We had a spoiler-filled discussion about Bad Batch, Kingdom, Revelation, and Snake Eyes. I think I said Spoiler like 37 times. It’s a good time to be a fan of the big four, for the most part.
26 Jul 2021 05:59
Well, there was still no Comic-Con this year, but man there were some amazing things announced that I can’t wait for. Hopefully you were able to score some Mattel exclusives, I know a lot of people were not. I lucked out and was able to grab me the Scareglow and Sarge. While not necessarily an SDCC thing, the color-changing Pulsecon Exclusive Zartan looks to be a must-have for a lot of people, including me. One of the things I’m most excited about is the new Gendy Clone Wars series figs that launched at the beginning of Comic-Con. Lastly, while he’s getting a lot of hate, one of my favorite reveals was the new Reformating R.E.D. Megatron.
12 Jul 2021 05:59
Target has had their fair share of bumpy rides when it comes to their exclusives, but they’re trying to do right by collectors with their Geek Out event. One of the things a lot of people can’t just grin and bear is the War for Cybertron trilogy, especially the new Kingdom series. Personally, I love supporting media for toy lines, even if they’re not the best stories ever told. However, the new He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: Revelation trailer looks to be the type of animated toy porn most fanboys are clamoring for. Star Wars tends to do the opposite. They create media that eventually inspires toys. Their new Visions project looks like my kind of adventure.
28 Jun 2021 05:59
I love me some B.A.T.s and while we assumed they were coming to Classified eventually, seeing them this early makes me happy. The first 5-10 minutes of the Transformers series is some of my favorite animation of all time. I want all of them, Tetrajet Seekers, lamp post Soundwave, and especially Cybertronian Bumblebee. Nothing really new for MOTU, so I’ll just leave these Super7 Silverhawks here. Bad Batch spoiler: I love Rex’s appearance. I have now missed out on both the TVC and TBS versions of him.
14 Jun 2021 05:59
Again, nothing fancy this time, just a good long discussion about collecting.
31 May 2021 05:59
This show’s favorite things are super-easy, but unfortunately, I may never own some of them. First up was the 86 Studio Series reveals. Luckily these are all mass releases and easy to secure. Not as easy to secure, but just as amazing, the Target exclusive Clone Wars-carded Black Series figs have been hitting stores everywhere. Some of the best MOTU exclusives ever will be hitting nowhere except the secondary market. These Power-Con exclusive figure, beast, and accessory packs are going to be the most expensive Origins items ever unless they can figure out how to do a second run. There was nothing great for Joe this time around, but we had an amazing time talking about the ridiculous Malaysia G.I. Joe Adventure Camp that is coming soon.
3 May 2021 05:59
It was really nice taking a break off from these the last couple of shows. I’m still not quite back in my flow, but I’m glad I got a chance to get some thoughts down. I’m gonna skip my favorite items from this show. I’ll get these back on track next time around.
19 Apr 2021 05:59
5 Apr 2021 05:59
Winner for brevity... this guy!
22 Mar 2021 05:59
One of the main differences I’ve noticed with the pandemic entering its second year is my tolerance for small talk has just about been exhausted. And not the small talk with a rep on the phone or a clerk in a store. I actually still really enjoy that. No, it’s the chit-chat with friends. I’m not sure if I think we should be talking about deeper topics, I’ve just become a reclusive curmudgeon, or what. I find myself thinking, get on with it already. I know these can get wordy at times, so I think I will just get on with it too :) Here are my four favorite things: Magic Square (not Newage) Devastator, G.I. Joe Minimates, Kir Kanos, New Jurassic Park Jeep.
8 Mar 2021 05:59
With the stimulus coming, let’s talk about higher-end stuff. For Joe, the announcement of a Mezco 1:12th Destro was huge, with an appropriate price to surely follow. Next up, you can buy essentially a life-size Child with a pram from Mattel for $400. Masters has got that beat by about $700 with their Life-size Skeletor bust. Transformers towers above all of them put together. Don’t pass up your chance to purchase an actual G1 Prime from the Bumblebee movie.
22 Feb 2021 05:59
We talked about a lot of toys that are not in the “big 4” this time around. Instead of my favorite item from each of the “big 4”, I thought I’d highlight some items that kind of correlate to our favorite franchises. First, for Masters, we have the Four Horsemen’s All-Star Round 4 Vote. They continue to kill it with this line with some of the most active and ravenous fans out there. For Joe, the Final Faction line at Dollar Tree is definitely interesting. Backed by its own cartoon, backstories, and a dedicated page on their website, this line has potential, especially at $15 for the whole set. Since Black Series is dominating Star Wars, how about the “Black Series” of Jurassic Park. I’ve been impressed with the Amber Collection so far. Do you need 5 raptors, probably not, but they’re slowly introducing new molds. In probably the biggest reach, for Transformers, how about an Official Robo Force release. Built from the Glyos System, this is more of a building set, but at least they’re robots right? Well maybe, this should have been for Joe, as this drop, they’re featuring a Flash homage.
25 Jan 2021 05:59
I've been cutting corners, literally, as I'm on a model kit tear lately. I’m really interested in the new Flame Toys Furai Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. I never really liked unarmored humanoids, but I’m in at least for Storm Shadow. In another way to cut corners, Hasbro has yet another seeker repaint on deck, but this time it’s a must-buy for me. I absolutely love the G2 Ramjet deco. Want a deep cut? No, not of the corner persuasion, but in the Black Series line. Look no further than the rumored Marvel Comic’s Jaxxon. Who doesn’t need more bunnies in their action figure collection? Not that I care, as I’ve never been a big fan of this vehicle, but I’m sure most people hope that Mattel doesn’t cut any corners with the new Origins Wind Raider.
11 Jan 2021 05:59
As we’ve been seeing for a few years now, what was old is new again. This time around is no different. MOTU’s throwback Origins line just released to all stores and announced a ridiculous amount of news and pre-orders. We get a few more coded listings for a wave 4 of the “retro” Joe line, including at least one trooper. While not necessarily vintage for me, for someone just ten years younger this might be their Transformers. We get a great look at a concepts document for Beast Wars McDonalds premiums from 1995. While Star Wars has seen its fair share of vintage homages, none this time around, so here’s a Centurion project.
28 Dec 2020 05:59
What a year it has been for toys. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much product in my life. Maybe it’s because the whole pre-order revolution really caught on this year. Maybe it’s because the toy companies see their window closing for our generation. Either there are some amazing things to look forward to. Classified has been a breakout line with lotsa new stuff on the way. Unicron will probably be the biggest toy, literally, of 2021 and Hasbro is trying to ensure it gets to you safely. 2020 saw a lot of crossovers between lines, universes, and even fiction. Hasbro is certainly capitalizing on this. The Mandalorian is a key example and I know many are excited for the new TBS Bo-Katan. Nothing new for MOTU this time around, but I have a feeling we’ll have a lot to talk about on the next show.
14 Dec 2020 05:59
What was some of your favorite news from this show? For Star Wars, the possibility of getting Luke and Leia from her training scene in Episode 9 is exciting. Not necessarily because of what they would look like, but more for the concept. Origins Battle Armor He-Man with a vintage head is exciting. This is based on a figure I got as a kid for Christmas back in the day. Not that we didn’t see it coming, but a Skullcruncher in a G1 box is pretty exciting for me at least, even if it is a modern mold. This is in addition to a Mech Fan Toys version coming, including a City of Steel Prime redeco. Nothing too exciting for Joe, so let’s just go with Lanard’s new Predator Figures.
30 Nov 2020 05:59
No corny segue this time around, just my favorite stuff. For Star Wars, Regal Robot’s vintage carry case inspired wood plaques look amazing. Little pricey as expected, but still dope. Didn’t remember seeing the Deluxe Origins before but Cliff represented. Love that the battle damage effect is going to be there. The only Joe news has me less than excited. At least I’m happy I’ll be getting a “retro” Headmaster Skullcruncher even if it is just for the box.
16 Nov 2020 05:59
Hasbro is just killing it with their HasLab projects. The Razor Crest becomes their most successful one yet. Joe product is slowly being revealed, but the 3rd parties are stepping up to fill the void. Speaking of 3rd parties, 4 Horsemen continue to absolutely kill it with the lack of 6-7 inch new MOTU being revealed. I’m a little sad that we’re not getting a new transformable Wheelie, but I’m still not mad at this Grimlock and ’86 Movie line.
2 Nov 2020 05:59
The votes are in and TFCon’s 3rd party panels are officially boring. I think the most riveting discussion was about HasLab’s Razor Crest’s newest stretch goals. Are you going to vote with your dollars? Classified gets some new/old news. I think the fans have been heard in regard to this line. Hopefully, that doesn’t mean the end of 4 inch super-articulated Joes and if does, can we at least get better distribution? Lastly, the only thing for MOTU doesn’t even have a link, just the sound of millions of fanboys crying as their Man-e-Faces and Scareglow orders are suddenly canceled.
19 Oct 2020 05:59
On this episode, we learned a lot. Sometimes in real-time. Like we’ll be getting an entire wave of Mandalorian Retro Collection figures. Mattel is doing some pretty cool things at Mattel Creations, including a clear Origins Skeletor. Just wish I would have learned of it sooner. We had heard rumors about the third wave of Classified, but now the trusted source that revealed earlier waves including the Cobra Island exclusives, confirms it will be Lady Jay, Flint, and Major Bludd. Finally, Transformers is doing a 6-pack of Micromasters. Not too exciting right? Well two of them are M.A.S.K. homages. One is of my favorite M.A.S.K. vehicle, the Hurricane. $30 for one Micromaster?
12 Oct 2020 05:59
Nothing fancy this time, just a good long discussion about selling.
5 Oct 2020 05:59
Hasbro had no problem selling their latest round of Joe Classified exclusives. Once again, it was us that had a hard time buying them. Something we all would love to buy, but won’t be sold here is an amazing life-size Megatron water gun. Super7’s Snake Mountain is still for sale, but you’ll probably need to sell at least a few toys to make space for that thing. Hasbro has now sold over ten thousand Mandalorian Razor Crests for a total of 3.5 million dollars. Now that’s what I call selling.
21 Sep 2020 05:59
This time around I’m going to address what we talked about in comparison to actual reveals via Pulsecon instead of my favorites. First up, is the complete absence of ’86 Studio Series. With multiple figures leaked already, why not at least address it? We’ve been covering the Holiday Troopers. Wow, that is some awful deco. They even joke about how Lucasfilm was super-hesitant about this, for good reason. For Joe, we knew what was coming with the “Retro” line figures, but I hadn’t seen anything about the FANG and I guess for good reason. Not a retro mold, not retro artwork. Call this Origins or something. Please do not call this Retro Hasbro. Finally, nothing announced about MOTU as this was Hasbro’s weekend, but at least we’re getting some new Thundercats.
8 Sep 2020 05:59
My hoarding isn’t more evident than in my defense of the Studio Series Devastator Boxset. Something that is also a little ridiculous is the price of this 3rd party Bantha. As cool as it is, I don’t know how people can rationalize it. The new Joe movie is getting pushed back again, but that’s not stopping the new movie Classified figures from coming soon. There’s no new MOTU news, so let’s go with something Lotus thought was ridiculous, 1/12th scale accessories.
24 Aug 2020 05:59
If you were born in the late ’80s, maybe Beast Wars is your thing. If so, WFC Kingdom looks to have you covered. For a kid born in ’75 like me, Return of the Jedi was probably your sweet spot for Star Wars. Well, the Retro Collection has got you covered. No matter when you were born hopefully, you can appreciate this amazing Arctic Scarlett and Sabertooth. Nothing new for MOTU since the amazing reveals at Power-Con, but stayed tuned, Mattel continues to impress.
10 Aug 2020 05:59
How bad do you want a Quintesson? $180 bad? That’s what the new MP-scale X-Transbot Dr. Egg will set you back. The new Hasbro Pulse Livestreams have not been a friend of people’s wallets either. Usually dropping at least one new toy, if not ten, these streams no long are simple “here’s what’s coming soon”, they are full-on ads for temptations available to order right then. Star Wars has one coming up. Movies studios are definitely being cheap, even a smaller movie like the Snake Eyes origin movie is getting pushed back as it seems we may not get to see a movie in theaters before 2021. While we have a quick story during the show, the big one doesn’t come until the end when we get breaking news of all the amazing Masters toys coming our way. I think Mattel, and Hasbro for that fact, have finally realized the adults by a lot of toys and most of them aren’t as frugal as I am.
3 Aug 2020 05:59
It was 12 years and one day ago that Mrs. McFavorite and I announced we would start a podcast. 2 months later Open Your Toys Cast was born. I meant to have this out yesterday so I could say “12 years on this day”, but as the title implies, time certainly moves faster than we could ever imagine. I’m actually sneaking this post in on Mrs. McFavorite’s birthday. It was just under 20 years ago that she and I met. In just a few short months after that, we would never be away from each other for more than a few days. Another milestone coming up in less than a week is Lil’ Miss McFavorite will be 8 years old. I’ve been watching a ton of Ken Burns documentaries over the last few months. It’s crazy to see what is captured for posterity, especially back then. What’s even crazier are the assumptions that are made and the results that are witnessed and evaluated in hindsight. I said I would never do it, but the more nostalgic I grow, especially in these trying times, the closer I get to listening to those older shows. Mainly because I would love to hear all the amazing people that have contributed to the show. They include hosts, editors, listeners, and most importantly my wife and original co-host and editor for putting up with it all. Who knows, maybe in another 12 years.
20 Jul 2020 05:59
I can’t believe we’re almost to 200. Can you? See you at the bicentennial.
14 Jul 2020 05:59
Well, it’s as close to con season as we’re going to get this year. Hasbro has bet on Walmart. We spend a good amount of time decrying this decision, but we’ll find out in two short days how it goes. As the Walmart listings increase for the ’86 Studio Series, I am getting very excited. I think we’re a little tired of these coded Star Wars listings showing up, but at least it means lots of stuff is coming. We debate whether yet another new Cobra Commander listing will finally be a hooded version and what Deluxe might actually mean. Walmart continues throughout the top 4 with the first sightings of the return of the MOTU Minis.
6 Jul 2020 05:59
The future holds a Back to the Future Transformers crossover. About two thousand of us got our first shot at it, but the rest of us will have to until October for Gigawatt. It’s also been confirmed that we will be getting a Cobra Trooper in the Classified line. Can’t wait to see the army builders run with that one. Even if you don’t have kids, never hurts to plan for the future with these great MOTU Little People. Lastly, the coming Lego Art sets may not be for everyone, but I personally think they’ll be amazing.
2 Jul 2020 05:59
I think a lot of people had some good feels over all of the announcements over the last week. Hasbro is giving us a Black Series for Transformers. Star Wars 3.75 collectors are getting another playset. I loved it, Cliff hated it. What are your thoughts? Nothing for MOTU, so I’ll just promote the 4Horsemen’s 20th anniversary. My favorite reveal by far all week was a Classified Pimp Daddy Destro.
22 Jun 2020 05:59
This is super late and I still have a lot to do. So I’ll just leave this here.
16 Jun 2020 05:59
If a 3rd party MP-scaled Astrotrain can be $80, I definitely think there’s something to this whole price control rumors that have been circulating for years. I love that the people at Star Wars loosen their control every once in a while and allow things like the “Certain Point of View” series. The second installment is due out soon. I think collectors wish they had a little more control over the styling of the new Classified figures but the new Cobra Commander shows it’s not always that bad. Since there’s no Masters news this time around, I’ll leave you with my favorite thing from the show, a 1/1 Cup Noodle plastic model kit. Even though Lotus and Swage thought it was ridiculous, I still get to feature it.
8 Jun 2020 05:59
2 Jun 2020 05:59
25 May 2020 05:59
We cover a lot of rumors this time around, but none more interesting than a bunch of new Mandos. They have a bunch of names I can’t remember. More rumors with even more interesting names are what could possibly be wave 3 of the Classified figures. MOTU had some big names in very small packages. That’s right, the World’s Smallest Masters are available for pre-order. The biggest news for Transformers, unfortunately, is for a big bot that I bet most people wish was bigger. However, at least he has a nice memorable short name.
19 May 2020 05:59
As mentioned on the show, the man himself, Captain Rex, is pure joy in doll form. We get a really depressing God Neptune. Joe is once again a no-show, so the best thing we can do is talk about a Joe-scale Power Loader. Same with MOTU, so how about some Back to the Future figures?
15 May 2020 05:59
If there are two words Mrs. McFavorite hates to hear it's I'm sick. It basically means I'm going to be a whiney bitch for 3-5 days. Since this is like 5 days late, no introspective prose, no favorite news items from each franchise, just episode 189.
5 May 2020 05:59
The Transformers live-action movies seem to be getting a lot of new attention. Even Newage is getting into the game with an MP Soundwave with a couple of minions. Since the Origins line doesn’t seem to have any updates, and the Snake Mountain update was less than stellar, Mondo’s Man-At-Arms official pics, will have to suffice for new MOTU. Speaking of high-end 1/6th scale, I’m curious if Hot Toys completists are happy with their new direction of doing repaints like a vintage figure inspired Boba Fett. And after a few shows with some action figure news, nothing new for Joe except for more movie news.
27 Apr 2020 05:59
Will 6 inch Joes kill the 1/18th scale? Probably not, but I’m warming up to them. Original designs are almost dead in Transformers 3rd Party, but the Magnus redeco of Generation Toys Optimus Primal is as close as it gets and I love it. I don’t think Mafex will be killing off SHF or TBS anytime soon, but their Mando is a thing o beauty. MOTU is definitely not killing anything as the only news was a teaser and pics from the final season of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.
21 Apr 2020 05:59
I’m pretty excited for the Magic Square Soundwave, even more so the tapes. Even smaller, but just as anticipated is The Child, TBS-style. Masters gets the smallest of updates in Pixel-Dan’s interview with Bryan Flynn, as in nothing is coming. Lastly for Joe, we’re getting an amazing piece made up of a bunch of little pieces. Mondo’s 1000 piece puzzle featuring Cobra propaganda artwork from Jason Edmiston is a great buy at only $20.
14 Apr 2020 05:59
And just like that, we are now officially a live streaming video podcast. Still extremely rough as I learn how to run the show while doing the show. However, not too shabby if I say so myself. Thanks to Lotus we have brought the cast into the modern age. This has tons of added benefits. The biggest is being able to see what we’re talking about. No more having to follow along with the show notes. With less editing needed we’re going to shift to weekly casts. Going weekly will result in much shorter/more consumable shows. We’ll be shooting for 1 hour to 1.5 at the most. The show will be live-streamed on YouTube with real-time chat then published immediately. The new streaming platform is so easy we can add people to the show on the fly. This will hopefully make it much more interactive. It truly is pretty miraculous.
27 Mar 2020 05:59
Unfortunately, the would-be TFCon 3rd Party slides were in very precedented territory. With nothing really standing out, even a Unicron couldn’t save it. Something that seems par for the course, but is still super interesting, is a possible six-inch retro line for Joe. Now, this easily could be the current designs with just vintage cards. Maybe redecoes? Another status quo release, but that isn’t a bad thing when it comes to Hot Toys, is the Mando and Child. They’re absolutely gorgeous and one of those defining pieces for the show. Then Super7 releases yet another shipping delay email and it’s right back to the bad kind of normal. Isn’t that funny how it works that way.
16 Mar 2020 05:59
Without a bunch of activities to go to I have had a ton of time to open and sell toys. I’ve been enjoying my toys more than ever. Especially since the last Toy Fair, while not too much originality, really delivered on some nostalgia feels. Mattel made a strong Master’s Origins showing right after our last show. However, I think I’m most interested in their new Mega Contrux. What’s crazy is we got a ton of new news and leaks right after Toy Fair, but probably nothing so exciting as a bunch of TRU shelf tags. We got confirmation of 6″ movie Joes, a TBS Luke and Yoda 2-pack, and seekers galore.
25 Feb 2020 05:59
I have to say that it was a pretty good Toy Fair. Nothing jaw-dropping amazing, but consistent. As usual, most things were spoiled in some form or fashion ahead of time. However, some things caught us unaware. How about the vintage reissues of the Ghostbusters? That got a lot of people excited. Much less so for their new Plasma (i.e. Black) Series counterparts. The Turtles made another huge showing. From Super7 to NECA, there are so many collector-grade choices for our favorite amphibious martial artists. Speaking of NECA, they continue to do their thing. So many Aliens, Predators, and serial killers, oh my. When you start to think about it’s a lot of the same. The one thing that did deviate from its vintage source material got grief, not a ton, but enough to prove that what we really want is exactly what we had. I’m sure you know we’re getting a new Joe line. It’s not close enough to vintage ARAH line for many people, including me. They tried something new and we don’t even give it a chance. I can really start to see the draw of Mythic Legions, Vitruvian H.A.C.K.s, etc. At least they’re trying something relatively new. Look at Masters, we go from getting a variety of new formats, to right back to the classic 5.5, granted with much better articulation. But, they do one thing different a la the head sculpts, and people bitch, including me. Transformers is even getting back to basics with the OG earth alt modes. The new line is basically G1 with better sculpts and everyone, including me, loves it. Star Wars continues its faithful pandering and I’ve already pre-ordered it.
17 Feb 2020 05:59
The big new in Transformers this time around is MP 50 and 51, e.g. Tigatron and Arcee. Here’s hoping the Arcee is mistransformed. Also big, for 3.75″ Star Wars collectors at least, the “Duck Boat” was revealed to be The Mandalorian Imperial Troop Transport. This stuff is what keeps it fun for me. Will the new Origins line keep it fun for Masters collectors? With what looks to be a great line-up, I think it will be. While we had the leak last show, we get 100% confirmation of the big G.I. Joe news this time around. 6 inches is big right? Right?!
4 Feb 2020 05:59
Is there anything today you see as being truly nostalgic for kids 20-30 years from now? We are getting figures exactly as we remember them with the new Empire Strikes Back Retro Collection. They’re even striking the nostalgia feels with the box for the $600 Snake Mountain that’s literally too big almost everyone’s collection. Speaking of toys too big for your collections that strikes the feels, Unicron got an update. Probably the “biggest” news was the “confirmation” of Joe Classified, the new Black Series-style line for G.I. Joe.
14 Jan 2020 05:59
Especially in this day and age with companies finally acknowledging that action figures are becoming an adult-driven industry, there is just too much. It’s not as bad if you focus on one franchise. If you’re a Joe fan, there’s next to nothing. Even when stuff is available, it’s literally a tiny amount. MOTU has the second least amount of collectibles right now, but even it is shipping $350 worth of figures this month in a single scale. Now Star Wars has never been a slouch. However, even with 12 to 13 $20 figures coming out for the anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, it’s still no match for Transformers. With the proliferation of 3rd party Masterpiece scale, now Legends scale figures, in addition to very active retail lines, there are literally hundreds of figures on the market at any one time. This even includes amazing non-transforming figures such as those from 3A.
30 Dec 2019 05:59
Right before 2020, the biggest news for Transformers Masterpiece is going to be a throw-back to mostly old school trains. Probably the most popular thing to come out of our community in 2019 is The Child, The Asset, or most commonly, yet incorrectly known as Baby Yoda. However, Hasbro/Lucasfilm was not on their game and we won’t have anything in our hands until 2020. Masters is on track to have a huge coming year. Two cartoons, a movie, and a new line of figures. However, all we are getting are teases. While we’ll be getting a new Joe movie next year, we’ll have to wait another couple of years for the first Joe amusement park.
9 Dec 2019 05:59
Not often a statue makes into this part of the post, but if you feel like indulging, the new Rancor statue from Sideshow is a good start. Something you still have a chance to splurge on is Super7’s Snake Mountain. The new video shows just how amazing this piece is. If the Studio Series Devastator is not doing it for you, maybe a 3rd Party, $800 version, will satiate you. While probably on the opposite end of indulging since Evergreen Line usually means low-budget, but at least Joe has action figure news.
25 Nov 2019 05:59
Let’s see how quickly we can do this. Eighteen bucks is too much for a 5 PoA figure, even a Transformer, just saying. The Super7 Snake Mountain is too big, just saying. The Mandalorian is as amazing as everyone is saying, ask Lotus, just saying. As much as I actually liked the first two Joe movies, rebooting with Snake Eyes is probably not a bad idea, just saying.
11 Nov 2019 05:59
The “big” news this time around was the TFCon 3rd Party panel. However, I think Matthew “Deluxe” Baldwin sums it up well with his latest t-shirt offering. Hasbro shows off its latest level of packaging QC, with multiple errors of perhaps the most popular proper noun in toy history. While not a fail, more so a WTF, Super7 comes out of nowhere with Deluxe (i.e. $45) Japanese Wrestling figures. Lastly, while maybe not the greatest fail, just not what it could have been, is NECA and their street team/ambassador program.
28 Oct 2019 05:59
All right, enough bitching about my life lets bitch about toys. The only thing to bitch about in regard to Ed’s Galaxy Edge toy run, is the sheer amount of stuff. I can’t wait until our visit next year. I bitch plenty about these Masters of the Universe skate decks from Super7. When it comes to G.I. Joe joining the Transformers Earth Wars game the only reason to bitch is the fact that it is the only news for Joe. Probably the most positive news out of this show is the possibility of getting a new Raiden toy from Takara Tomy. Who doesn’t love a cool train or six?
16 Oct 2019 05:59
The big news, well outside of Unicron being funded. Oh and yeah, I spent $600 on a toy a week before getting laid off that I won’t see for over year. Let that sink in :). Hasbro announced War for Cybertron: Earthrise. Talk about nothing new and just wishing it could be a little different. The big news for Masters was the shipping update Super7 sent out. Unfortunately, there is no link to it. I’ve noticed this is a pattern with them. When they announce dates, it’s via email without a permanent location to reference and they’ve done it again. Force Friday happened again, well Triple Force Friday. Hear my experience (again one week before being laid off 🙂 and recaps from around the community. And the award for the most independent news of the week goes to friend of the show, Ryan Drost, and his amazing new comic on Kickstarter. Please check out his great concept and with only a few days left he could really use the community’s help.
24 Sep 2019 05:59
Something I don’t think we’ll soon forget is the new Masters Origin line. I think they’ll be milking this for all it’s worth. Unfortunately, the UCS Star Destroyer is pretty forgettable. Not too different from it’s last UCS treatment, it appears to be another cash grab. How fun is a Lego set with 2 colors anyway? Usually, I’m not a huge fan of transparency for no reason. However, any bots involved in the reformatting sequence from the ’86 movie is a perfect use of this cash grab. That’s why the clear Insecticons from Newage are right up my alley. Can you believe it? Joe actually has toy news this time around, well kind of. Looks like Funskool will be getting back into to the mix with the new movie toys.
10 Sep 2019 05:59
Well, I didn’t expect for another show without me to be so forthcoming, but here we are. I’m personally excited. I get to listen to two Open Your Toys Casts in one month. With the holiday weekend falling on our recording weekend, these guys got to have a lot more fun than I did. As they talked toys, I drove 6 hours through holiday traffic. Now I sit here watching my Saints lose their opening game. I don’t know what else to say, so I won’t.
27 Aug 2019 05:59
Super7 is really balancing listening to their fans and doing their thing. Just like MOTUC, Pixel-Dan and Stina did an amazing job covering them at Power-Con. The biggest news in Transformers for a while now has been Unicron. Did the new trailer video change your mind? Star Wars has kinda been a no-show now for a few months and in preparation of Triple Force Friday. However, SDCC exclusives are coming, so there’s that. Finally, Joe has one news item, as usual, say hello to Crazy Rich Snake Eyes.
12 Aug 2019 05:59
I never thought this day would happen. Of all the hosts we have had over the last 11 years. There have been many occasions where I was not able to record. I have always offered co-hosts the opportunity to run their own show. This even includes Mrs. McFavorite a couple of times. I thought what would be better than the wifey just going off on my collecting. Still no takers, until now! That’s right folks. After 11 years and 168 episodes, it’s the first one sans Slick. Do you know what that means? I finally get to listen to an episode of Open Your Toys Cast. I don’t think people, especially Rock and Lotus, know how excited I am about that. I truly do think we have the best toy news show on the web. We’ve never really been too promotional. I’ve always liked the family feel. Especially today, I feel like a proud papa ready to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Now, this isn’t going to be your standard show in terms of rigid show notes and worrying about time. The boys go free form and just talk toys. After all, isn’t that all any us want to do? So, in closing, thank you Rock and Lotus so much for representing OYTC and making my dreams come true.
29 Jul 2019 05:59
One change I have dug is Hasbro’s approach to SDCC when it comes to the product pre-orders. Being able to order most of what they reveal the day of is nice. I’m sure they’re excited too as it prays upon the excitement of the moment. I knew I bit on the Reflector/Refraktor G1 3-pack and now I’m having second thoughts. There are absolutely no second thoughts when it comes to the new Mondo Hordak. I was hesitant on the He-Man and Skeletor. Pre-ordered the Faker at a 33% discount, but it got canceled. Loved the Merman, but not important enough of a character for me. Now that Hordak is a no-brainer. Let’s give a big welcome to my first Mondo figure. The only thing more disappointing than a complete lack of Joe news, outside of Rob Leifeld, creator of Deadpool, doing a new Snake Series for IDW, was the lack of Star Wars reveals. Everything is being held back for Triple Force Friday. The one piece of good news we did get was 5 PoA 3.75″ figures are officially no more.
18 Jul 2019 05:59
A lot of people think Newage is doing it right. While I love my Cosmos, the price is still killing me on these things. As an example of hard work, the finalists of the Lego Star Wars Greatest Battles killed it. Netflix’s Princesses of Power is on to that next level. Everybody associated with that show has been putting in work, and it’s paying off. Even Joe is working it this year at SDCC.
2 Jul 2019 05:59
Something that’s got a lot of people being negative is Mattel’s SDCC exclusives. Announced at the last minute, presale in the middle of the night, then a misleading new process. It’s Mattel, what do you expect? I think I’m the only one feeling negative about the new World’s Smallest Joes. Just feel those cards could be more accurate. Speaking of accurate, no one can be negative about this new Transformers G1 packaging 1000 piece puzzle. I cannot wait. Lastly, again on a very personal level is the beautiful new Star Wars cabinet from Arcade1Up. This was easily in my top five as a kid.
10 Jun 2019 05:59
Okay, I sat down ready to do a full post, but nope. Nothing is wrong, in fact, things are great. I just don’t want to spend a bunch time writing one right now. Had a weekend of 14 hours driving, non-stop family time and really just want to watch a movie and crash.
28 May 2019 05:59
To take the easy way out this time around, I am going to highlight some great sales at my favorite online store. Big Bad Toy Store has some amazing prices on Star Wars, Masters of the Universe, and of course, Transformers. For G.I. Joe, just a warning, beware of buying from Marauder Gun Runners. After more than 10 years of patronage, they are no longer standing behind their orders. Sad when a fan ran company gets too big for their own good. For the whole story, please listen to the show and be on the look out for a huge sale on my almost 60+ figures from their various lines.
13 May 2019 05:59
I think Hasbro found a good balance with their SDCC MP-10 Ghostbusters crossover. Previously thought to be a waste of resources, the full reveal killed it. Super7 almost gave some useful information in the Q and A this month. However, Brian was a lot more forthcoming in an hour-long talk with Roast Gooble Dinner we recap. Another goal not met this weekend was scoring the new Retro Collection of Star Wars. Luckily it has been recently revealed that they will not be exclusive for long. As usual, there is no Joe news so we’ll leave you an example of why cheaters never prosper, well almost never.
30 Apr 2019 05:59
I’m going to break from the norm yet again because while I wanted to get the above out, I also did want to shout our special co-hosts for this show. We had the one-and-only Engineernerd back on. John hails from the prolific Action Figure Blues Podcast. We are also joined from down under by first-time co-host, long-time listener, regular on the Facebook group, and most importantly, good friend, Mark Haddock. We try to refrain from the cliches for the most part, but simply can’t help ourselves at times. Look for Mark (and hopefully John too) to join us again in the new future.
8 Apr 2019 05:59
Did you miss out on the Barge? It’s okay, so did I. Mine was literally by a timezone issue, but do you know what? It doesn’t matter. It will be available again, somehow, someway. Do you miss Action Force? I guess Hasbro didn’t. They let the copyright slip away and a fan group has picked it up and are doing some amazing things with it. Here’s something that should not matter to one single person, but we know that’s never the case, there’s always one. Super7 launched its latest line of ReAction MOTU figures. Okay, it matters to me, but just one. Last, but not least is the biggest one, literally. We get some great insight into the new Hasbro Omega Supreme. Will this be the great feeling we’ve all been hoping for or because it’s the fourth large-scale Omega to the market, will it simply not matter?
26 Mar 2019 05:59
Wanna see the good and not so good of 2018, check out Michael Crawford’s Poppies. It features Michael’s choices, but even better, a curated list voted on by industry standouts, and even a community vote. Don’t know what you missed last year? Now you will. Hasbro Pulse posted an eBay listing many thought was too good to be true. For some, it was, at least for people in the states and Canadia. The Barge will be available, probably for minutes, to some lucky collectors in foreign countries this March 26th. While I dig these MOTU crossover Air Force Ones, I prefer the G.I. Joe crossovers from Asics. They are much more gooder :) Finally, look at all this goodness we missed out on. Some of these Transformers prototypes are simply amazing.
7 Mar 2019 05:59
I’m not going to write about my top news from each brand like I usually do. If you haven’t ever noticed, as Lil Ms. McFavorite likes to say, it’s a pattern. I’d rather end this with a plea. Quit being so oblivious. Pay close attention to the world around you and how you affect it, especially your loved ones.
24 Feb 2019 05:59
Being so close to Toy Fair, Wonderfest stole a little bit of thunder from the first major reveals. One being MP Bumblebee version 2.0. Oh, those feet (in Bobbie Skullface voice). Super7 is so close to actually providing information in their Q and A after almost a year. They’re just not there yet with their wait and see answers. Entertainment Earth didn’t just come close, they hit a home run with their Valentine’s Day promotion, a dozen “Roses” for $20. They offered 12 TBS Roses (6 or 3.75 inch) for only twenty bucks. I’d be curious about how they sold. So close, but our only Joe news from a 3rd Party. Dan Klingensmith is back with volume 6 of his 3.75″ Joe: Creating G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero.
27 Jan 2019 05:59
The most powerful con in the universe is getting another installment this year. Along with the announcement, Val and the gang over at have released almost every panel from last year. While not as informational, but certainly more exciting, new G1 reissues have been announced. Perhaps the most well-received is Soundwave and Buzzsaw. If you’re more of a Star Wars person and you’ve made the flip to 6 inch, you’re probably just as excited for General Grievous. If you’re a Joe fan, you have absolutely nothing to be excited about.
9 Jan 2019 05:59
Do you have any new collecting resolutions? How about the wait until Ross / Ollies / clearance mentality? I know I’m taking that outlook on Predaking. Wish I would have taken it on the Black Series. How about a resolution to diversify your collection? Maybe some fine art? The Mad Duck MOTU posters are a great start. Not nearly as popular as Mondo yet, but still beautiful and some truly great homages. Speaking of homages, Snake Eyes, the movie, looks to be steeped in them. That is if the rumors pan out. If your resolution were to attend more cons, you have fewer choices this year. One of the quintessential means of exposure to multitudes of Star Wars stars has been canceled. Legoland has ceased their Star Wars Days after 10 years of amazing guests, events, and displays. For us missing Botcon, and hoping Hascon would fill that void, it has been postponed indefinitely.
18 Dec 2018 05:59
I am positive TFCon LA, TFCon USA 2019, whatever you want to call it, is going to be a show for the ages. If you’re an animation and/or a voice actor fan you owe it to yourself to be there. I am positive that Super7 knows exactly what it is doing with these limited release quick sellout one-offs for MOTU. Even their retail “partner” at almost a 50% markup sold out quickly. I am pretty positive we won’t be seeing anymore non-Original Trilogy vehicles in the TVC line. The lack of the Rogue One Assualt Tank at retail and the subsequent blowout online almost guarantees this. Something I don’t think anyone can be positive about is the new Joe movie, especially with such a lackluster choice of directors.
3 Dec 2018 05:59
I just can't, not today.
18 Nov 2018 05:59
On a brighter note, there’s TOYS! Well except for, G.I. Joe. Yet again the only update is about the new Snake Eyes movie and even it’s pretty unsubstantial. However, we will finally have some toy news for Joe on the next show. So I was actually pretty excited about the exclusive Hoth Han and Leia 2-pack. I slept on it and know it looks to be sold out everywhere. It’s been a while since that happened. Yet another whole lotta nothing in the latest installment of Super7’s MOTU Q and A, but unfortunately there’s not much else for Masters. For Transformers, the US release of the War for Cybertron Seige figures probably tops the news. Haven’t seen them around here yet and haven’t watched any reviews, but I’m pretty excited.
5 Nov 2018 05:59
Instead of cleverly trying to incorporate my favorite things from the show into some sort of defeated pun or wordplay (see the blog post), I’m just going talk about them. While I thought DOTM Devastator was an abomination when he was first revealed, he has really grown on me. For that reason, I’m actually pretty excited for a Studio Series version of him. If you’re a Filmation fan, then start rejoicing. There’s a hell of a pre-order right now, including “Ultimate” versions of He-Man and Skeletor on vintage cards. Speaking of vintage packaging, the Sail Barge packaging is both absolutely ridiculous and a thing of beauty. And of course, with the just one piece of news, the only thing to link to for Joe is a terse description of the Snake Eyes movie.
23 Oct 2018 05:59
Can you believe it? No, really, can you believe it? I can’t. Mrs. McFavorite and I started this after being married just under two years. We have since celebrated our 10th anniversary, had a beautiful daughter, seen her take her first steps, speak her first words, and now she’s in 1st grade. I had just started my last position as employee 13 and saw the company grow to 130. I went from the only designer to leading a team of 6 designers. Mrs. McFavorite has worked for two of the largest financial institutions in the world. My collection has grown from a few shelves to almost 5,000 pieces, much to Mrs. McFavorite’s chagrin. You know what hasn’t changed in 10 years? This show baby!
29 Sep 2018 05:59
To their credit Super7 is definitely living in the now. There’s not months and months of teases and in turn, complaining. We got Wave 2 and I’m loving them so far. Something that is a throwback, but just is absolutely blowing my mind is the new Grimlock statue. It does have some ties to the present because the ’86 movie was just played in over 500 theaters around the US and Canada, many that were sold out and that also just blows my mind. Similarly, something that is now, but the oldest school of all old school is the pretty amazing McQuarrie-inspired “The Star Wars” trailer. Lastly poor G.I. Joe had no news this week again. Can something be overshadowed if it has no presence at all?
16 Sep 2018 05:59
The amazing next wave of Super7 Classics is almost here. I’m am super ( pun intended :) ) excited for these, more so than the Filmation wave. Something that was imminent when I did the show notes and arrived the day before we recorded, was the latest installment of FSS 7.0. While Crystal Ball does have a little bit of giraffeness, he’s still a cult classic and in my opinion, this only adds to it. I have been counting the days until the special one-day screening of the ’86 Transformers movie. If you hadn’t notice, time has been somewhat of a running theme. If you wanna keep track of yours, there is no better way than a vintage Star Wars calendar.
4 Sep 2018 05:59
Something that was mildly divisive in the group, but I personally still love was the Cocks of the Universe. These customs/blind bags were shown/available at Power-Con and are definitely not for everyone. Something just as controversial, at least for our group, was the reveal of the new UCS/Master Builder Lego Star Wars Cloud City. New designs for a possible G.I. Joe mobile game also garnered some difference of opinion. Luckily we can all find some sort of common ground. Especially when it comes to these amazingly engineered custom Constructicon cassettes.
21 Aug 2018 05:59
When it comes to my most favorite things at SDCC this year, Joe is easy considering there were only really three things. The 1/4 scale Pop Culture Shock Storm Shadow is what a statue should be. Star Wars is easy too. The return of Clone Wars is easily the standout, but especially for a collector like me, the confirmation of animated-style figures is the true dream. Transformers was a bit of a mixed bag. The confirmation of the G1 reissues is great, but not the line-up I would have picked. The Cyberverse stuff is just crap. While I dig the WFC line, the price and size are killing me. The one shining exception is the gorgeous RID homaging Magnus. MOTU had some great reveals as well. However, it’s not the confirmation of Snake Mountain that was my favorite. I’ve always been a Mantenna fan, I especially always liked his Filmation character, as goofy as it was. So his Club Grayskull version is definitely the star of the show for me. Until next year.
23 Jul 2018 05:59
I think a lot of people have misconceptions about how great a toy G1 Transformers were. With Walmarts reissues coming, I think they’ll be getting a wake-up call about how amazing modern Transformers are. There are huge expectations when it comes to Hasbro’s Sail Barge. Their newest update doesn’t disappoint. Super7 seems to be doing a lot of things right lately. This includes offering their most popular and now sold out SDCC exclusive for pre-order to non-attendees. Unfortunately, those pre-orders are now closed. Joe even has a bit news in this week of weeks for news. There are new posters available for pre-order. They’re cool propaganda ones to boot unfortunately, they’re “sky” based.
10 Jul 2018 05:59
Convention exclusives used to motivate me, however this year the closest it gets is Laughing Adam from Super7. As amazing as it is, that’s a little sad. Masterpiece figures used to motivate me. Unfortunately, we’re over 40 deep and all the new ones are either repaints, Movieverse or Beastwars. New Star Wars movies used to motivate me. Now, that we get one every year, I’m just not that excited anymore. Jedi Temple Archive readers seem to feel the same way. It seems like no one is really motivated by G.I. Joe anymore except for me. Between the JoeCon exclusives and all the new announcements, I’m more motivated to collect Joe than any of the other lines right now.
27 Jun 2018 05:59
Companies are finally learning from their experience. Hasbro Toy Shop has finally listed their SDCC exclusives months in advance of the on-sale date that they also specified. Only took them 15 years to figure that out. Hasbro/Takara also seem to be learning from their past. The new MP Optimus Prime looks amazing. How many versions of it to you foresee buying? Super7 is a quick a learner as well. They have been fine-tuning their MOTU messaging through their Q and A. Unfortunately, to a point where they’re pretty much useless. A company that has never learned their lesson is FunPub. There’s not even a link on their site, but they have delayed their first FSS 7 shipment supposedly due to US Customs. Yet, they are delaying it for almost two months. JoeCon ran just as unsmoothly as usual as well. Considering this is their last year, I guess they’ll never learn.
6 Jun 2018 05:59
So many things to ensure that you’re not oblivious to. First, The Toys That Made Us is killing it. Their TF episode wasn’t perfect, but it was great. Something that has never been perfect, but I haven’t hated is the Joe movieverse. Looks like it will continue. MOTU had some great reveals of its own in the form of a couple new Mega Construx sets. EE has those and quite a bit of other MOTU items I was oblivious to. Finally, Lando is someone that was never a focus of mine, but his Skiff Guard disguise is something I couldn’t ignore. Okay, that was a stretch.
26 May 2018 05:59
Something I have never stopped looking for is the perfect version of Leia as Boushh. Is it weird I thought she was sexier as a bad-ass bounty rather than a submissive swimsuit model? This Legends-scale thing in Transformers seems to be neverending. However, I’ll never ask anyone to stop making Magnus figures. Something that is stopping is this FSS thing. I love Joe, I mean really love Joe, but how many of these characters do we need modern/$35 versions of? The Master’s movie seems unstoppable, even if some of us wish it would.
23 Apr 2018 05:59
Something I didn’t waste any time or money on was the Solo toy drop that happened with barely a whisper from the community. If you’re hunting, did waste some time making a checklist just for you. For some, stop-motion animation may feel like a complete waste of time, especially considering it takes on average an hour to film one second. I really love it and I’m excited that a Joe stop-motion film festival is debuting in my hometown. Hopefully, something that is not a waste of time and money is Super7 being back in China doing QC reviews of the Power-Con Filmation exclusives. Our first taste wasn’t great. With these coming in just under $200 (with tax, shipping and handling) for three figures, they had better be on point. Looks like Takara wasted an opportunity with their Encore God Fire. This $270 abomination is being recalled due to some serious QC issues. Sorry for the longer than usual diatribe this time around, let’s not waste any more of your time.
1 Apr 2018 05:59
I guess there is always another day, unless your Toys”R”Us. Their last day is coming. We talk about what that means and what the first day of the liquidation looked like. IDW’s Transformers run is also coming to an end. It’s a conclusion to an era and I’m excited for the next incarnation. Another thing that is approaching its last day is G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club. You can now purchase their last incentive figure. Something that looks like it has many days to come is HasLab. Their flagship product has been back by over 5,000 people. The Star Wars 3.75 community came together and crowdfunded a 2.5 million dollar project. Another thing that continues to have its day is Power-Con. This small but passionate convention consistently brings it and this year is no different. 3 Filmation exclusives are coming our way. They definitely have the power.
15 Mar 2018 05:59
I actually appreciate obsession. I feel it can be healthy if taken with a grain of salt. Kind of like this Hasbro Abominus. It looks amazing, but that’s probably not the truth. It’s most likely going to be very mediocre. If your Star Wars EU obsession hasn’t been satisfied, now you can buy Darth Revan by the case. With Super7 not really pushing the envelope, or even maintaining the quality of MOTUC, Masters fans may find their new obsession in these upcoming Mondo figs. Finally, it’s an interesting paradigm when one boxset has figures you are completely obsessed with and figures you could completely care less about. Great job G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club.
26 Feb 2018 05:59
Negativity really seems to rear its ugly head when there are new reveals. Our community seems to thrive on love and hate. Either loving to love or loving to hate. Something I really love is the new Black Series Gamorrean Guard. What I am kinda hating right now is the proliferation of stylized collectibles. Funko, Loyal Subjects, and now What Not Toys with their new Joe line capitalize on this need to express fandom. However, I do love that we’re getting more of these little stylized Masters guys. Something I’m saving my hate for is Hasbro’s new Cyberverse cartoon and corresponding figures. I’m sure I’ll find something positive about them.
19 Feb 2018 05:59
Are we talking about Toy Fair this show? No, not yet, we’re still a couple weeks behind, but that’s okay. However, we still have some amazing news this time around. I’m absolutely loving this year’s JoeCon set. While Marauders aren’t my thing, the club is absolutely killing it. Hasbro is also killing Star Wars, literally. They are killing the line with all of their superfluous crap. Is the Masters movie dead again? Not necessarily, but David Goyer is definitely out. Something I can’t wait to come out is MMC’s Bruticus. If this Vortex is any kind of precedent, MMC’s Bruticus will kill it.
6 Feb 2018 05:59
The G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club has had an international platform for 25 years. Not that they’re using it to end hunger or anything, but I for one will miss them. They released their last JoeCon brochure and I was ecstatic about Python Patrol, but a little sad too. The creators of the new She-Ra cartoon are using their social media platforms to spread some news about the upcoming Netflix show. The Star Wars team at Hasbro has another chance with The Vintage Collection and this is the best Wave 1 they could come up with? I was really hoping we would have a Transformers story about Hasbro hitting it out of the park to counter my previous link, but alas it’s all 3rd party. At least this TLK Hound upgrade kit is an example of using someone else’s platform.
26 Jan 2018 05:59
What’s next for you? If you’re a Joe fan, the Nok Stinger from the club will be the first official vehicle hitting since last year’s Joecon and it a beaut. The next TRU Masterpiece figure is in their system and we’re not talking Ironhide, well we might be, but not the Ironhide you think. I don’t know if this is our next oversized MOTUC toy, but one of my all-time favorites was number 1 on’s crazy multi-round poll thing. You can’t very well have Hordak without his Mantisaur, right? Our friends over at Jedi Temple Archives always seem to know what’s coming next for the big SW. Check out this casual hint to look back on some older posts.
13 Jan 2018 05:59
I do know I love little guys, I know I love Duocons. So these little guys are a no-brainer. Seems like most people know Hasbro is really killing it with their Legends line. From some of the cheapest toys out there to one of the most expensive. We know, for now at least, everytime the UCS Falcon goes up, it’s going to continue to sell out. That’s just crazy knowing it’s $799 price tag. No new toy news for MOTU or Joe, but at least there’s something for each. Nothing to really know yet, but She-Ra is going to have a little anime flava to her and Joe is going to be rebooted in 2020.
26 Dec 2017 05:59
You know what I love? That we are getting more Mega Construx Masters guys. I really enjoyed the He-Man and Skeletor courtesy of AliasAngelAlias and Lil’ Miss McFavorite. I also dig the Megatron Rules option on the upcoming G2 Megs. Not quite sure how I feel about a female Snake Eyes, but I do love that her premiere issue sold out. Something I have no doubt about loving is this ridiculously limited Echo Base collection from Columbia. The Han Paraka might be my favorite jacket ever.
15 Dec 2017 05:59
It’s time we get some MOTU movie news. We possibly have a director and I’m personally excited. I’m also excited that the AT-ACT has hit a reasonable price. It’s about time. Who would have ever thought Street Fighter Transformers would get the time of day. They did, unfortunately. Something else that is unfortunate is the FSS 7.0 Crystal Ball. My god GJCC, please don’t mess up this time.
27 Nov 2017 05:59
Something that is evident is that we’ll never get this under two hours. Especially when we have very divisive things to talk about like the Make America Great Again Jazz. Something that has been less divisive than usual, but still has to have just a little drama is the new FSS 7.0. I still love it! How is it that Joe has more news than MOTU? A minicomic we have talked about since Power-Con is literally the only official MOTU news. Something never at a loss for news is good’ole Star Wars. We talk about the new trilogy and the possibility of a new TV show.
13 Nov 2017 05:59
How good is the new Solo movie? The reality, at least Lucasfilm’s, is 20%. Can Ron Howard “save” the other 80%? The G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club FSS 7.0 is real and it’s spectacular. Something less spectacular, but still incredibly welcomed is the return of WTFWTK or now simply known as the Super7 Q and A over at Being old school, there is definitely something very real about print. That’s why all of those Takara rumors never seem like reality until the newest Figure King scans.
31 Oct 2017 05:59
For this year's Halloween decorations, I think this “life-size” Skeletor is possibly my favorite yet, with that ridiculous 9 foot T-Rex skeleton a close second. Something I do have a little history with is God Fire Convoy. Granted it was the American version, but this is not a good toy and at almost $300, please know your history. Do you want to do an homage? This year’s exclusive Cobra Missile Command Center killed it in my opinion. Find out about all the love that went into this thing. Lastly, while I really enjoyed The Force Awakens, I feel the fanboys’ concern of it being a little too similar to A New Hope. Now with The Last Jedi looking to be a return to the “Dark Side”, critics are all jumping on the possibility of it mirroring the Empire Strikes Back. All though still my favorite, I for one hope we see this trilogy blaze its own path and not repeat history, even if it is a beloved, successful history.
19 Oct 2017 17:59
While there were not many new reveals, seeing the most 3rd party stuff I’d ever seen in one place, really got my juices going. Vern’s too, but that’s something for the next episode. Here are some things that are now on my bucket list after TFCon. First is FaaaaansToooooys Terminus Giganticus. That is a MP-scaled Grimlock coming up to his knee, HIS KNEE. At the opposite end of the spectrum, you have the cutest Bruticus you have ever seen. Iron Factory killed it with that one. I’m kinda like Bobby Skullface when it comes to Tetra Jets, something about the first episode’s designs just does it for me. Even Soundwave’s goofy lamp post alt-mode. So it’s nice to see someone else focusing on that aesthetic. Last, but certainly not least, is this Ultimetal Ultra Magnus. This behemoth is almost indescribable, except Lotus does an amazing job of it in his almost one hour review of this collection centrepiece.
4 Oct 2017 17:59
Hascon is definitely cultivating a new community. It will be interesting to see how they follow up what could be considered a very successful first run at the con biz. The Star Wars community has spoken (or maybe just Kathleen and Lucasfilm) and Abrams is back for the conclusion of the sequel trilogy. Oh hey, Masters fans, remember bitching about the price hikes on MOTUC? How do you like the now consistent $35 dollar price tag? Yeah, I don’t like it either. Just think if we could have been a kinder more gentle community in the first place. With no new product next year for a crazy big community like G.I. Joe, is Marauder John’s stuff our future? Time will only tell.
19 Sep 2017 06:00
We talk about some things I would have definitely done differently. Take the Takara Tomy 10th Anniversary Movie line, please? Really, only a couple of hard to find figures? What about all those other hard, nay, impossible-to-find figures like DOTM Deluxe Soundwave or Leadfoot? Something else I would like to see done differently is the news updates from Power-Con. We didn’t even get some real confirmations until the hardest working man in the community put out his video. Considering the only two figures I really want from FSS 6.0 are Sub-Zero and Dojo, man, those head accessories. Could a hood and mask look worse? Lastly, something we won’t know about for at least a year, but something Kathleen Kennedy would and did do differently was the Han Solo movie and now Episode IX. I personally can’t wait for their releases so we can hopefully hear the dirt. However, it might be even longer.
8 Sep 2017 06:00
What do we do when we have possibly the shortest show ever? We talk, and talk, and talk and still go two and half-hours. What can I say, when talking toys the time flies. We gab about the Galaxy Meteor cancellation or not. I gush about James Eatock publishing an unreleased vintage minicomic for Power-Con. We get a little insight into likeness rights from a Tonnika Sister. And even Joe had a story. It may not be the end times, but your prayers and positive thoughts are always welcome.
23 Aug 2017 05:59
As it turns out, we spent about 5 hours to get there and about 8 hours to get back from our total eclipse experience. Spending about $200 total. Beyond worth it in my opinion. On this show we have something that is definitely worth it, Colorado Springs Comic Con. Just check out that guest list. Mattel continues to try to make what is quickly becoming their tired product worth it with their new subscription service. Something that is finally almost worth it is the AT-ACT. When it comes to Transformers, don’t ever pay secondary market prices, it’s not worth it and we talk about why.
9 Aug 2017 05:59
Feel like joining me in throwing away hundreds of dollars? Check out the "Super Fan" experiences for Hascon coming up in less than a month. Other things that would have cost you hundreds of dollars are these amazing test shots of canceled Joe figures. They had to be snow-themed, tear. Something that adds a little value, but still brings a tear to my eye for what they could have been are the gorgeous faux mini-comic covers accompanying the new Ultimates. Lastly, probably the best way to use hundreds of dollars is going to be visiting Star Wars Galaxy's Edge. This looks like it is going to be amazing!
12 Jul 2017 05:59
You know what is really crazy? This Shiva Force Box Set from Skybound. Is it infringement? Is it an homage? Either way, it will be mine even in my current state of employment. Another couple of exclusives that will test my level of sanity and the definition of infringement are the Four Horsemen's Power-Con exclusives. Luckily, there's one major release that everyone is crazy about that holds no interest for me and that's Takara's MP Sunstreaker. No matter your economic situation, theft should never be an option. Especially this kind of theft.
1 Jul 2017 05:59
Here we go, hurry up, hurry up, let’s go, let’s go. It’s summer time and it’s time to hurry. There is lotsa stuff going on so not a lot of time to muse. Something you needed to move fast on was Hasbro’s Fan Favorite Figure vote. However, it looks like comic fans won this year considering I have no idea who Doctor Aphra is. Another thing winning that I will not be participating in is this year’s Power-Con. Val Staples of fame continues to kill it with the premier MOTU convention. Something not killing it is the new Transformers movie. Even with a pretty impressive final trailer, it’s been pretty much universally panned by critics, again, with a whopping 15 percent on Rotten Tomatoes so far. The last thing is not quite killing it, but is about as good as we’re going to get, at least officially. The G.I. Joe Collectors Club announces FSS 6.0.
30 May 2017 05:59
After having to edit this beast, I am truly thankful for all the work Vern does. Our apologies for taking almost two months to release it, but hopefully you’ll find the wait worthwhile. We have a very special guest. Not to mention we’re almost twice the length of a standard cast. So take frequent breaks and be thankful, you never know when the next one will be posted. Spoiler, it’s already been recorded. Another spoiler, Celebration was last month. Yeah, that happened again. There was a lot of news, but perhaps the most exciting was the return of the second most beloved line in Star Wars history in 2018. In another throwback, Takara kills it by revisiting Targetmasters. The vintage nostalgia continues with Super7’s new vintage-era MOTU sculpts. Unfortunately there is no reverence for Joe as Hasbro looks to reboot the movie franchise again. Remember to be thankful for what you’ve got.
6 Apr 2017 05:59
Perhaps one of the best examples of circumstance has been Super7 taking the helm of Masters Classics. While the first effort was ideal, pre-orders of only what you want, even the “savior” of the line has understood that it requires an all-in or nothing approach. Which are you? Star Wars gets the award for one of the best ideas, the 40th Anniversary line and one of the worst ideas, Titanium 3.75 inch figurines. Transformers continued to make one of the strongest showings. Even if you’re not a movie fan, the CHUG line or Titans Return line as they are referring to it has some pretty great reveals. As per the usual, Joe is nowhere to be seen outside of a pitiful 3rd-party showing.
23 Feb 2017 05:59
The Four Horsemen, sculptors of MOTUC, are absolutely killing it with their Mythic Legions 2.0 Kickstarter. In the most amazing thing that no one in their right mind or at least no one with a budget will ever buy is Generation Toy’s Green Shadow. Absolutely beautiful translucence. Another thing that is absolutely beautiful, that everyone can afford is the new Lanard Kong. While they made some choices I don’t necessarily agree with, I love it for what it is. Unfortunately, we hardly ever get any “3rd Party” Star Wars stuff, but we did get a pretty exciting official release, the name and logo of the next movie in the Star Wars saga.
16 Feb 2017 05:59
Sometimes it’s pretty easy to get an action figure you want. Take the timely second run of Kultur/Tarn. Sometimes there are ones that are going to be impossible to get. Take the wave 11 single-packed TBS 6 inch Royal Guard. Then there are things like the Super7 Ultimates. They were super easy to get during the pre-order, but will impossible to get when they’re released. Finally, there are things nobody should want to get, take the Rise of Cobra props currently being auctioned.
23 Jan 2017 05:59
As toy collectors, it seems we always want more, but again it is relative. Depending on your point of view this show may have the least amount of news ever or the most amount of hosting ever. We muse about the outgoing Matty Collector administration. We discuss the new Boss Fight Studio wave as the trend of smaller collector-focused companies taking over for larger conglomerates continues. However, no matter what anyone says, Hasbro is still trying to make Transformers great again with their new Titans Return Kup. In our saddest news possibly ever, we say goodbye to our princess.
1 Jan 2017 05:59
Something we have a lot of hope for in the new year is Super7 and Masters of the Universe. We’ll soon see what they’re going to bring to the table. Unfortunately, something we don’t have a lot of hope for is the latest action figure Kickstarter. Something we know will continue to grow is the Masterpiece line, hopefully just not in price. $170 for a Seeker is just too damn much. Something we didn’t talk about much due to time was Rogue One and its relationship to Rebels. You won’t hear much about Rogue One on our next episode either, but just wait until Roger is back and we really kick off this new year.
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